Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Blogger Darling of the Day

For November's Blogger Darling I would like to introduce you to :
Wendy Brandes from Wendy Brandes Jewelry Blog.
I love going over to Wendy's Blog because she is always on the pulse of what is happening right now.
She has fabulous outfits, designs even more fabulous jewelry and has graciously used my picture in a few of her Huff Post articles about style.
Wendy has been a journalist for ten years at news organizations including the Wall Street Journal, CNN and People, followed by five years as managing editor of the now notorious Lehman Brothers investment bank. She always wanted to try something entrepreneurial, so she left in 2005 to start her own jewelry line. Her work has been featured in W, Elle and InStyle, and this year she was a finalist for Fashion Group International's Rising Star Award. Wendy hasn't shaken her journalism/English major background, as you can see from her personal blog and her stories for the Huffington Post. 
She also sports the most fabulous manicures ever!
Here are Wendy's answers to the Blogger Darling Questions....

1.  Favorite color of socks to wear? I'm notorious for not wearing socks! Blogger Stacy Lomman (of taffetadarlings) nearly fainted when she saw me put my boots on in mid-winter with nothing under them.
2.  What reality TV show would you want to be on? The Wendy Brandes and Stacy Lomman show. We always say that we need our own show.
3.  What is your favorite daily thing to wear? Give me a black t-shirt and I'm happy.
4.  Who do you think is the best dressed man in Hollywood? George Clooney, of course.
5.  Who do you think is the worst dressed woman in Hollywood? There's no such thing as "worst." Just "really, really interesting" and "Thanks, I needed a laugh today!"
6.  How do you organize your closet? color, type of clothing etc There's a little grouping by color, a little grouping by type and a whole lot of "I just threw this in and it landed there."
7.  If you could dress like any TV character, who would it be? Lafayette on True Blood. I need to get some eyeshadow/turban-tying lessons from that man.
8.  What is your favorite accessories excluding shoes? RINGS!
9.  Is there any outfit that you have EVER worn that still haunts you to this day? I've worn some bad things but they seemed good to me at the time, so I can live with that. I'm more haunted by bad hair and makeup inflicted upon me by other people.
10. What celebrity/fashion icon would you want to take with you on a shopping spree? Whichever one has the biggest line of credit on his/her American Express Centurion Card.
Make sure you hop over to Wendy's blog (click here) and check out her amazing jewelry designs and great posts.
Thanks for being our Blogger Darling of the Day Wendy!

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Collette Osuna said...

Soo happy to see Wendy here!! She is one of my all time favs....:)
Awesome person, fab jewelry designer!!

Twitter Tuesday is back! Come meet Keiko Lynn!!

Style Journey said...

Great post! She is beautiful and funny :) Heading over there now.

WendyB said...

Thank you SO MUCH for featuring me! xoxo

stacy said...

Sweet post!
And yes, she goes sockless! Crazy girl.

Anonymous said...

Awwww I adore Wnendy and Im glad you've featured her here. Learnt alot from her answers and cannot believe she is an english major and writes for HuffPo. I've always tentatively thought of going into Journalism so this is another reason to be inspired by her ^_^


Rebecca said...

Wendy is a cutie!

Bonnie said...

I adore Wendy. Absolutely adore her. I am so glad to see her featured on your blog!

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Unknown said...

Wendy always looks so great! And Lafayette is an awesome character to take inspiration from.

The Closet Shopper said...

She's just the cutest thing EVER.


Anonymous said...

Woo-hoo! I now know more about Wendy's lack of socks, which used to be zero until today. ;P

Great interview of Wendy, Brett!