Friday, November 25, 2016

My Final Awkward and Awesome Friday!

Today is my final blog post after 6+ years of blogging.
I have loved every minute of it,
 but as with most things in life...
it's time to move on to another chapter.
As most of you know,
 we recently bought a lake home
 and are remodeling it ourselves.
That is code for "where does all the time go?"
 Awkward things about having a blog:
  • You have no idea where pictures of you will end up.
  • The trolls and haters that comment and email.
  • Putting yourself out in the world for everyone to hear and see your point of view.
  • When people stop and watch you taking pictures of yourself and you try to explain what you are doing.
  • Trying to come up with new blog post titles .
 Awesome things about having a blog:
  • The fact that people actually read your blog and have nice things to say.
  • I won't lie...the free stuff you get from sponsored posts.
  • The new things you learn in general and about yourself.
  • Being able to tap into your creative side.
  • All the amazing people you meet.  Even if you never even get see them in person.  
 For my last outfit,
 I decided to just go crazy with pattern mixing. 
 Seems I have kind of become known for that.  
What better way to mix it up than with buffalo check, leopard and herringbone?!  
Add a great pair of riding boots and you can't go wrong.

I thank all of  my readers over the years
 for their support and kind words.
I will miss you every week.

I will still be posting outfit looks 
over on Instagram every now & then.
So, if you don't follow me yet,
 check it out. 

Until we meet again someday!