Tuesday, October 19, 2010

First official post of "outfit for the day"

So this is my first attempt at posting an "outfit of the day".
First lesson learned, taking a picture of yourself in the mirror is harsh.
You have to deal with the flash back in the mirror, being able to stand in a postion that enables you to try and get your entire body in the picture, figuring out where to hold the camera and why oh why did I think standing in my messy closet was a good idea for this photo op?
I have seen others use this method on their blogs and props to them,because it is a talent.
First stop today... get a tripod! 

So today I am basically just running errands and working in my studio, so I am dressed for comfort and ease.  After throwing on the jeans and shirt, I realized that I looked quite dark, so I added the scarf for a pop of color. 
I also realized after I posted this picture that I had forgotten to put on my watch and any jewelry that would have livened this up quite a bit.
See, I am still on a learning curve here!  

jeans - Gap - traded in an old pair and got 40% off these, total $49
shirt - Gap - sale $9.99
scarf- Old Navy - $10
belt- Michael Korrs - Marshall's -$19.99
shoes - Nine West - Nine West Store $45

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