Friday, November 28, 2014

Awkward and Awesome Friday

Happy Black Friday if you are into that.
Personally, I am not.
Just thinking of all the crowds makes me break out in hives!
  • When you hear a terrible sound as the garage door goes down and you look back to see the door on top of the hood of your car.
  • In the middle of making Thanksgiving morning waffles, your waffle iron breaks.
  • My lovely friend that fled the store after she realized the poncho she tried on was actually a Christmas tree skirt!
  • Thinking that a Mack truck is about to run you over as it merges onto the highway right into your lane.
  • Being is such a hurry that you put on your boots without socks and get a giant blister in the middle of your foot.
  • Our new 60 inch TV!
  • The sweet lady that stopped traffic for me so that I could back out of my parking spot.
  • A new sushi restaurant.
  • Thinking we would have to buy a new surround sound system for the new TV and son1 figured out we only needed a different cable.
 How do you get to stay in your sweats all day
 and not look sloppy?? 
 With a sweatshirt dress of course!! 
 This is what I wore for Thanksgiving day. 
 Not only was it super comfy,
 no pesky waistband to limit your eating.

Let's hear about your awkward or awesome moments this week.

Banana Republic Factory dress-here
Old Navy leggings-here
Gap shirt-similar here and here
JCPenny smoking slippers-similar here and here
Cubby Hole necklace-similar here and here
Starbucks mug - here

Monday, November 24, 2014

Camo Loves Dots

It seems like rain is becoming a theme with my photo's lately.
At least I get to keep pulling out my fabulous Wellies to wear!
I know I have said this before,
 but camo has become the new neutral. 
 I love it paired with polka dots for a fun look.
Add some pops of color and you have taken the look up a notch.  
This is a great combo to throw on when you really rather stay indoors and just watch Netflix in a pair of sweats
I like to have a go to pattern mix
 that I know will work
 and I can just pull out of my closet without thinking. 
 This is definitely one of those pattern mixes.

Have you been having tons of rain where you are?
What is your go to outfit for rainy weather?

Old Navy shirt-similar here and here
Marshall's vest- similar here and here
Gap jeans-here
Hunter rain boots-here
Pink scarf-similar here and here
Versona bracelet-similar here

Friday, November 21, 2014

Awkward and Awesome Friday

Happy Friday Ya'll!
I hope you had an awesome week.
  • When you place an order online and you don't realize you already have items in your cart from when you were "pretend" shopping and those get ordered as well.
  • When a pink sharpie gets left open on your sheets and you come to bed to a giant ink stain in the middle of the bed.
  • You know you need coffee in the morning when you completely forget to put the mug under the Keurig and it takes you a few seconds to realize it.
  • Opening the glass doors on the milk aisle and hear someone calling your name.  Finally you realize the guy outside the doors is calling to the guy behind the doors stocking the milk.
  • When you can't find the can of Static Guard from last winter, so you wipe yourself and your clothes down with a dryer sheet and you smell like a dryer sheet for the rest of the day.
  • Getting to the new Outlet Mall before the crowds explode next week.
  • Son2 coming home a day earlier than expected for Thanksgiving.
  • Finally getting something free from your loyalty card.
  • When you have a conversation about your home town with the dude behind the fish counter at the grocery store.
  • When there are enough left overs in the fridge that you don't have to cook dinner.
 So, I am wearing my favorite color combo again here.
  I just can't get enough of it.
Have you tried this pink, burgundy and leopard combo yet??  

Let's hear about your awkward and awesome moments in the comments.

Ralph Lauren leopard blouse-similar here and here
J.Crew striped sweater-similar here and here
Gap cords-similar here and here
Old Navy booties-here
Vera Wang necklace-similar here
Kate Spade bracelet-here
Handpicked bracelet-similar here
Boutique bracelet-similar here

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head

Good Wednesday to you all!
I hope everyone is keeping warm and dry wherever you are.
Here is an easy look when it is wet and cold out.  
You really don't want to get out of those pj's,
 so throw on some skinny jeans and a cozy, comfy tunic.
Wrap yourself with some color and you are ready to face the day.
Pops of bold color with black and gray can turn a ho hum outfit
 into a wow outfit.
Even when you rather be in bed with a blanket and a book.

Do you like bold color or would you keep this outfit neutral?

Chaos NY tunic here
Loft coated denim here
Gap t here
Hunter boots similar
Pink scarf-similar
Isotoner smartouch gloves-here

Monday, November 17, 2014

Hello Winter

It's seems that Mr. Winter has finally come to visit!
No snow here, but cold temperatures have come calling.
One of my new favorite color combos is pink and burgundy. 
 It's very retro,
 a total throw back from the 50's.
Throw in some windowpane print and leopard
 and you are no longer in the 50's,
 but smack in the middle of 2014!
You know that saying..."everything old is new again".

Pattern mixing, great colors and cold weather...
winter you and I are off to a great start.

What is your new favorite color combo these days?

J. Crew sweater-similar here and here
Old Navy coat- similar here and here
J. Crew pants-here
Old Navy booties-here
Handpicked necklace-similar here

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