Thursday, June 30, 2016

Happy Early July 4th!!

I am headed to the mountains for the holiday weekend.
I am really hoping to find some cooler air up there!
I feel like all I have been wearing lately is work clothes
 as we continue with our home improvement project. 
 This is my version of 
just throw something on to get out the door.

A tunic is a great item of clothing for just this purpose. 
 No fuss - No muss...
just find some bottoms and you are set!

I will be back to the blog sometime late next week.
Until then,

4th of July Comments for Myspace

Bald Head Island Boutique tunic
Loft shorts
Jack Rogers sandals
Baublebar necklace

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Summer Stripes

Our remodel/update project is slow going right now. 
 Lots of repairs that take days to finish. 
But, we took a break last night to attend a baseball game.
Unfortunately the game was rained out. 
 The players never even made it to the field to warm up. 
 Fortunately we were in a box and 
had lots of yummy food and beverages.  
The night ended up being exceptionally good 
as I am not a huge baseball fan, 
but am a huge food and beverage fan!
I wore this breezy swing dress 
with my sneakers to the game. 
 Perfect outfit for a baseball game. 
 Cool and comfortable enough to beat the heat
 and stylish enough to look cute and put together.

Are you a baseball fan?
What team do you cheer for?

Gap dress
Adidas sneakers
Ily Couture necklace
Ruche bracelets

Friday, June 24, 2016

Awkward and Awesome Friday

My blogging has been spotty lately
 and will continue to be for a bit.
Our upstairs bathroom update is finished, 
but now we have moved on to the other upstairs rooms.
You know... 
Give a mouse a cookie.....

  • Falling off of a stool and spraining one foot and the other foot lands on a carpet tack strip.
  • Out on a morning walk with the Mr. and you spot a fox chasing a fawn ~ this was in our neighborhood!
  • Putting a broken reclining chair out on the curb for bulk trash to pick up and someone attending the neighborhood swim meet picked it up and took it home.
  • When the neighbor next door decides it's a good idea to fire up the chainsaw at 7:00 am!
  • When the check out guy at the grocery store tells you his lane is closed and then takes the next person that walks up.
  • Did you see the Summer Solstice full moon on Monday night?  It was pretty awesome.  First one is 70 years.
  • Celebrated our 31st wedding anniversary on Wednesday.
  • When the flowers the Mr. brought you for your anniversary actually make the entire downstairs smell amazing.
  • When you get a random compliment from a stranger.
  • Cooking with the herbs from your herb garden.  
Pink and Navy - 
such a classic color combo. 
 Navy always has a preppy vibe to me
 and the pink is fun and flirty. 
 How could the two not go together. 
 I added gold accessories to my look,
 but I think silver would look great too.

Do you love pink and navy together?
What else do you like to pair navy with?

J.Crew blouse
Gap shorts
Tory Burch espadrilles
Kate Spade bracelets
Fossil watch

Monday, June 20, 2016

Happy Summer Solstice!

So today is the first official day of summer
 and the longest day of the year!
You just have to get in some pool, 
lake, river or beach time today.
What screams summer more than hot orange? 
 It just gives off a fun, playful summer vibe doesn't it?
Does wearing the color orange scare you? 
 Well, you can always start out small 
and work your way up to something like I am wearing.
  Pair it with denim, white or yellow to tone down your outfit, 
but try to avoid pairing it with black. 
 Can you say Halloween?
Another tip is not to go head to toe orange. 
 You might be thinking that this look IS head to toe orange, 
but it's not. 
 The yellow in the neckline breaks the lines 
and I paired gold jewelry and shoes with the look. 
 Just look in the mirror and 
if you think you could be on the show Orange Is The New Black,
then add another color or take something off.  

Do you love orange in the summer?

Versona dress and bracelet
Jack Rogers wedges
Betsey Johnson sunglasses
Francesca's earrings

Friday, June 17, 2016

Awkward and Awesome Friday

Are you ready for a fun Father's Day weekend?
  • When a car parks so close to your car that you cannot get in on driver's side.
  •  You forget how hot your deck actually gets in the summer and the bottoms of your feet feel as though they are on fire.
  • Taking your car in to get a slow leak repaired on your tire and 3 days later you walk out to a flat tire again.
  • Trying to move a chair out of a bedroom and wondering how you ever got it in there in the first place.
  • Your annual lady doctor visit.

  • Listening to the sounds of a thunderstorm.
  • Finally nailing a good spaghetti sauce recipe.
  • 100 percent completed bathroom update.
  • Movie marathon of the The Thin Man movies.  Don't you just love Nick & Nora?
  • Digging out that book from last summer that you never read and finding money in it.

 Black and white is just so classic 
and looks great even in the summer. 
 As hard as it was for me, 
I didn't give in to any color with this outfit. 
 Sometimes, just keeping it all the same is the best option.

Is black and white a staple of your wardrobe or a rare thing like it is for me?

Target shirt
Gap skirt
Vince Camuto sandals
Francesca necklace
Ruche bracelet

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