Monday, September 15, 2014

Transitioning Into Fall With J.Jill.

We have had a few cool days here in the Carolina's.
Those days sometimes leave you scrambling for what to wear.
J.Jill has some great options for this fall.
This Medallion Tiles Tunic is a great option. 
 It can be worn with pants, skirts or leggings.
The colors are beautiful and the fabric is soft and flowy 
and the tunic covers your bum. 
Another great option for fall is the Smooth Fit Denim Skirt
 I will be the first to admit that sometimes
 denim skirts can be ill fitting. 
 This one is not.
  It is styled more like a pencil skirt
 and the fabric is soft and movable. 
 Not stiff at all like some denim skirts tend to be.
I thought that both the J. Jill blouse and skirt would look great together as well.
  A perfect fall duo.
Make sure you pop over and check out the latest
 looks from J. Jill today.

These clothing items were provided for me,
 but all opinions are my own.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Awkward and Awesome Friday

Well Hello Friday!
  • Joe the dog stealing my mini Toblerone that husband always brings me when he flies.  Luckily, I got it away from him just as he had opened the package.
  • When the sales person helping you is speaking so loudly that you think your ears might begin to bleed.
  • Watching you dog bolt out the front door and take off down the street after the UPS truck.
  • Wondering why your nail polish remover isn't working and then noticing you picked up the bottle of hydrogen peroxide instead.  In my defense the bottles were right next to each and are shaped exactly the same.
  • Having to take almost every single thing out of my closet to make closet shelving repairs.
  • My repaired closet!
  • Being able to wear closed toed shoes again.
  • The little cool snap we recently experienced.
  • The overturned garbage can in the street that interested the dog more than the UPS truck.  It has been a rough week for Joe the dog, but he is none worse for the wear.
  • Catching up with friends you haven't talked to in awhile.
Just a simple transition outfit. 
 A little color and texture to add interest
 and you are ready for the crazy early days of fall.

Any awkward or awesome moments you'd like to share this week?

J.Crew top-here
Gap jeans-similar
Target - Sam & Libby brogues-here
Handpicked necklace-similar
Love Andrea's closet tassel bracelet-here
Canal Street bracelet-similar

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

It's A Camo Kind of Day

We finally got a bit of a cool snap here.
It was a welcome relief!
I have been going back and forth with this Old Navy camo shirt. 
 It was finally on sale and I decided to go for it.
I wasn't too creative in my choice of olive pants,
 but tried to give the outfit a bit of a wow factor
 with the shoes and accessories.
I honestly didn't think camo would stick around for very long,
 but I have been proven wrong. 
 It is everywhere this fall.

Have you jumped on the camo train yet?

Old Navy top-here
Loft pants-similar
Betsey Johnson sneakers-here
Groopdealz necklace-here
Ruche' bracelet-similar
Gap belt-similar

Monday, September 8, 2014

Gone Tribal

A good Monday morning to you all!
We had a scorcher of a weekend here,
 so I dressed for it.
There's nothing better than sleeveless,
 linen to beat the heat.
I pulled out my J.Jill tribal print dress and went very simple.
  Too hot for anything but simple!

See other ways I styled this dress here .  

Are you experiencing fall weather yet
are you still in the heat of summer?

J.Jill dress-here
Dillard's sandals-similar
Walmart necklace-here
Stacked silver bracelets-similar

Friday, September 5, 2014

Awkward and Awesome Friday

It's Friday again.
That week went by quickly!!
  • When the Internet is down for an entire day and the next day they come to repair it and it is working.
  • When a stranger goes on an online shopping spree with your credit card.
  • Seeing a Rolls Royce parked in the Walmart parking lot.
  • Being called Mr. Robertson, always being called Mr. when people can't physically see that I am a girl!
  • Giving up on the summer plants that are barely hanging on, using the rationalization that you need to now plant fall plants, even though the temps are still in the 90's.


  • Bonding with a complete strange over candle scents at Bath & Body Works.
  • Husband surprising me with canoli's from his trip to Boston.
  • A good report from the foot doctor regarding my toe.
  • A friend bringing me assorted fresh fruit.
  • Free stuff
 Even though it is blazing hot outside,
 I couldn't resist wearing my pineapple shirt.  
I decided to pair it with black shorts
 for a more sophisticated shorts look.  

Let's hear about your awkward or awesome moments in the comments.

Target shirt-here
JCrew shorts-here
Dillards sandals-similar here
Handpicked necklace-similar
Handpicked earrings-similar
Onecklace bracelet-here