Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Neon Pineapples

I love to eat them and to wear them!
Make them neon pineapples and that's even better! 
 Add lots of pink to the mix and 
you have yourself a super summer outfit.
I paired light pink shorts with the hot pink top
 and added the lime green earrings for a tropical look.
As the summer days wind down 
I have to get all the wear out of my summer prints that I can.  
 it will be fall colors and layers. 
 (I kind of can't wait)

Are you utilizing your strictly summer clothes before it's too late?

Black Lion shirt
Gap shorts
NY&Co belt
Vince Camuto sandals
Francesca earring
Micheal Kors watch

Monday, August 22, 2016

Crisp White Shirt and Sneakers

A crisp white shirt.
It can make anything look great!
 I haven't been giving this adorable midi skirt 
any love this summer. 
 I decided to pair it with a white button up shirt
 and my Adidas for a casual,
 easy look.
I added a long necklace and some bangles
 to keep the easy feel of the look.
I can already image putting a sweater over - top of this
 and adding some booties for fall. 
 Just an all around great look 
that can be made to fit any season.

What is your favorite thing to pair with a white button up?

Gap shirt
Old Navy skirt and earrings
Adidas sneakers
Handpicked bangles
Modern and Chic necklace

Friday, August 19, 2016

Awkward and Awesome Friday

Last night was awesome!
Some friends and I went to see Keith Urban.
It was in an outdoor venue and the weather was perfect.
And so was Keith!!

  • Dropping your phone in a parking lot and it slides under the car next to yours.
  • Getting a soft sided cooler out of the garage and to your shock there is a huge bird's nest woven into the cooler.
  • Tipping over backwards in one of those long lounge chairs at the pool.
  • When your sneaker feels really weird on your foot and when you take it off you see a sock has been wedged into the toe.
  • Purposely going to the back of a new type of yoga class and the instructor turns everyone around for 3/4 of the class and you are suddenly in the front.
  • I have been back to my yoga practice for two and half full weeks.
  • Son1 and the Mr. bringing back the most fabulous coffee beans from Portland, OR.
  • Finally getting my hands on the new Tarte Shape Tape concealer.  It has been sold out at Ulta and online.  I have only used it once so far, but...It is amazing!
  • Watching nature shows on BBC America.
Yep, you guessed it. 
 This is what I wore to the Keith Urban concert. 
 I mean really ~ 
how many time do you actually get to wear
 cowboy boots and a cowboy hat in real life??  

Are you a country music fan?
Do dress the part when you go to a concert?

Loft top
Old Navy skirt
Gianni Bini boots
gifted earrings
Cowboy hat purchased in Nashville

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Bold Pattern Mixing

Pattern mixing...
either you love it or hate.
I'm not talking about haphazard pattern mixing 
like the gentleman I saw wearing madris shorts 
and and a plaid shirt 
 along with his black calf high socks 
and Jesus sandals!
I am talking deliberate pattern mixing.
  Whether you go super bold as I did here, 
or just a subtle mix. 
 It's a great unexpected look.  
Why does this combo work together you ask? 
 Because I matched the black in the skirt and in the top,
 giving it a cohesive thread throughout.  
The polka dots are large and simple
 and the floral is small and more intricate. 
 Polka Dots are your friend,
they go with everything.
Just keep proportions in mind!

Would you go this bold with pattern mixing?

F21 shirt
Gap skirt
Liz and Marti Shoes
Versona earrings
gifted watch

Monday, August 15, 2016

Pink + Chambray

It happens every year about this time.
You walk into a store and see nothing 
but fall clothes as far as the eye can see.
You want them,
 you crave them...
 But you know you would have heat stroke
 if you tried to wear them right now!
I decided to put a little "fall" into my summer look. 
 I knew I would be in air conditioned places,
 so I went for it.
Some lace up sandals with a chunky heel. 
 Chunky heels are everywhere for fall!  
Some pink cropped pants. 
Cropped pants are everywhere as well for fall. 
 Chambray because it is always in style
and goes with everything. 
 With this look I was able to utilize items in my closet 
to achieve a "pre" fall look.

What fall trends are you looking forward to trying most?

Loft shirt
J.Crew pants
Old Navy sandals
F21 necklace and bracelet
Target belt