Friday, April 29, 2016

Awkward and Awesome Friday

Well, here we are...
The last Friday in April.
May? Summer? 
  • Meeting someone at the movies on the wrong day.
  • Going to Goodwill on the weekend at the exact time everyone that had a garage sale that day is dropping things off as well.
  • Dropping a large container of Greek yogurt on the floor and the container literally explodes all of you and the kitchen.
  • Wondering what has gotten your dog so interested that he can't stop rolling all over it.  Walking over and realizing it is a dead snake!
  • It's time to renew my driver's licence and I was so happy to be able to do it online and then it turns out my birthday month is wrong on the license.  Now I have to go to the DMV and prove when my birthday is.
  • Being told you look like Diane Keaton twice in one day.
  • Girlfriend time.
  • Being called a beautiful young lady by the old dude in the mall with a walker and oxygen!
  • Last week of college for son2!
  • When the produce guy at the market lets you sample the produce before you buy it.
 I am not sure why I am having a hard time believing 
that May is knocking at the door...
 It is officially HOT now. 
 Time to break out the tanks, skirts and anything
 that you won't melt wearing.
  I dug out my trusty sequin tank
 and paired it with a breezy little skirt. 
 Just because it's already in the 90's
 doesn't mean you can't dress cute...right?!

Have you hit the 90's where you live yet?

H & M tank
Loft skirt
Sam Edleman flats
Handpicked necklace and bracelet

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Denim Squared

I'm not very good at math, 
but I do know when to double down when wearing denim!
I never get why people go on and on about wearing double denim. 
Is it a do or a don't?
 For the most part, 
more people get it right than wrong
 it's not that complicated.
In this outfit I paired a denim blazer with jeans. 
 The blazer is just a skosh darker than the jeans
 and the white t just keeps the look simple. 
 Double Denim should always be kept simple.
I added my Adidas mostly because
 I just love them,
 but this trend isn't going anywhere for 
awhile according to all of my reading.

What do you think about double denim?
Is it a look you would wear?

Loft blazer
Gap t-shirt
Old Navy jeans
Adidas sneakers
necklace c/o Onenecklace

Monday, April 25, 2016

Blue Stripes

Here's to a day filled with sunshine and warmth!
I love this simple midi length skirt from Old Navy. 
 It is so easy to wear.  
Midi skirts were once just "trendy",
 but have made their way to be a closet staple now.
I paired it with a chambray shirt today.
  A Chambray shirt is a MUST have in your wardrobe.
 It goes with everything!!
And if you haven't figured it out by now,
 lace up sandals are the "it" shoe
 to have for the summer. 

Are you a fan of the midi skirt?

Banana Republic shirt
Old Navy skirt and sandals
Michael Kors belt and watch
Onecklace necklace
Target sunnies

Friday, April 22, 2016

Awkward and Awesome Friday

Have you been listening to Prince since yesterday afternoon?
His album 1999 was iconic for me in college!
  • When you are supposed to meet people at a certain place and you are given directions to the wrong place.  Who doesn't want to meet at a wine bar at 10 am???  
  • When you need coat hangers for an event and the Mr. just happens to have freshly picked up shirts from the cleaners in the car, so you steal the hangers from his freshly laundered shirts.
  • Watching a glass slide down the banister of the stairs and you can't move fast enough to stop it.
  • Looking forward to seeing a movie you have wanted to see for awhile and then it just turns out to be meh!
  • Your friend's dog won't stop licking your toes.
  • Going to a clothing swap at a craft brewery!
  • New eyeglasses.
  • Have you been to the 5Below store yet?  Nothing you need, but crap you think you want.
  • Finding an awesome new shoe store near you.
  • Picking out new paint colors.
 For a couple days this week it felt like summer around here,
 so I dressed for it.
Who doesn't love pineapples and
 pineapples with hot pink is even better. 
 I paired this top with navy pants so the top 
could be the focus of the look!

Have a great weekend and party like it's 1999!!!

Black Lion top
Gap pants
Jack Rogers sandals
Target belt
Groopdealz bracelet
Handpicked earrings

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

My New Favorite Sneakers

Hello All!
Talking about sneakers today.
Yep, that's right the sneaker trend is so hot right now
 and I am all over it.
I love my white Chuck Taylors and have worn them for years. 
 But, now I am obsessed with these 
"old school" Adidas!
Yes, you can wear them with a dress,
 skirts, jeans, trousers, shorts...
well...pretty much anything you want.
Bonus - they are so comfortable.  
The look I am wearing today, is everywhere.
 You can't turn a page in a magazine,
 scroll through Instagram or Pinterest
 and not see some version of it. 
 Instant classic look.

You know me.
  I had to add a pop of color,
 so cyan blue was my choice for this look.

Do you own the Adidas sneakers?
Have you paired them with a dress?

Loft dress
Adidas sneakers
Ruche and Francesca bracelets
Gifted earrings
OPI nail polish in Gelato On My Mind