Friday, May 20, 2016

Awkward and Awesome Friday

Finally getting around to blogging this week.
I am not sure where all my time is going,
 but it seems like I can't get my life organized lately.
  • Your hydrangeas are about to burst into bloom and the next day you go check on them and the deer have eaten all the buds.
  • Music is coming from your phone and it takes 5 apps and what seems like forever to find the source.
  • An IRS scam call saying that you will be arrested within the hour if you don't agree to pay your overdue taxes.  WHAT?  This call was insane.  Finally when I questioned them about really being the IRS they said I was being non-cooperative and someone was on their way to arrest me and hung up.
  • Minor surgery on your big toe.
  • Trying to cut a piece of tile for your new bathroom floor and it keeps breaking over and over again.  Finally realizing the floor isn't level and that is why it keeps breaking when trying to lay it.
  • Freshly painted walls, freshly painted window and door trim and newly layed tile in your bathroom remodel project.
  • Discovering a new, yummy Sicilian Pizza place near you.
  • Glad you finally listened to your son and started watching MR. ROBOT.
  • The deer might have gotten the hydrangeas, but apparently they don't like gardenias!  The lovely blooms and scent from my gardenias.
  • Impromptu road trip tagging along on the Mr.'s business trip to Orlando.
 Crazily it has gotten cooler here the last few days. 
 I love adding a denim jacket with a maxi.
  This dress is one of my favorites and
 I was excited to pull it out again.
  I kept the look very simple as the
 pattern of the dress speaks for itself.

As I said, I will be tagging along with the Mr.
 on a business trip and
 then coming home to finish up our bathroom remodel. 
 I will be taking a blogging break until June.  
Please check out what's happening with me on Instagram.

Loft dress
Levi's jacket
J. Crew sandals
Francesca earrings

Friday, May 13, 2016

Awkward and Awesome Friday

It's Friday the 13th!
If you had planned to go camping tonight,
 you might want to rethink that. 
 Ha Ha
  • Touching up the paint of some doors and realizing you have the wrong color paint and having to repaint the entire door.
  • When someone sees you are about to pull into a parking spot and they gun their car to get in the spot first.
  • The little lady that forgot to take out one of the rollers in her hair and the waitress told her it was still in her hair.
  • Going to a free movie screening, but they take your cell phones and put them in brown paper bags, search your purse and wand your body before you can go in.  
  • A weird out of nowhere hail storm.
  • My new Samsung Galaxy pad I got for Mother's Day.
  • Going to a restaurant that serves "exotic" meat.  We had bison, venison and kangaroo!
  • The last outdoor fire of the season.
  • The demo is all finished on our bathroom remodel, now we get to put it all back together - that's where the fun begins.
  • Binge watching season 2 of Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix.
 So this dress is a definite awkward!! 
 I got it on sale for $9.99. 
 I didn't try it on but was drawn to the colors and the neckline.
  I know now why it was on sale. 
 All day I felt like I had an anatomically correct diagram 
of Fallopian tubes and a uterus on my dress.
 I honestly could not get that image out of my head
 once I noticed what it looked like in the glass
 of a store I was walking into.  

Have you ever had a piece of clothing that made you feel super uncomfortable when wearing it?

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

It's Maxi Skirt Season!

Do you tend to wear maxi's more in the spring and summer?
I know I do.
They are just so flowy, breezy and fun.
What puts a fun,colorful maxi over the top? 
 Pairing it with sequins!
Love the hot summer colors in this skirt
 and the sequins just add more fun.
 I added a little bee necklace to the mix
 for some whimsy and even more fun.
I know this skirt will be on repeat all summer long.
With the fabulous bold colors 
it can be styled so many different ways. 
 I am already thinking of the next top to pair with it.

Are you a maxi lover in the warmer months?
Do you have a favorite in your closet?

Loft top
Macy's skirt
Jack Rogers sandals
Nordstrom necklace
JCPenney bracelets

Monday, May 9, 2016

Camo and White

Hello Monday!
I hope everyone had as fabulous of a weekend as I did.
With post graduation fun and Mother's Day
 I had a truly blessed weekend with my little family.
I don't know how I forgot I even owned this cute camo shirt,
 but it has been hiding in my closet
 just waiting to be worn again.
Camo and white is a great spring/summer combo. 
 If it is too warm for white jeans just wear white shorts instead.   
I added a statement necklace because 
that is the opposite of what you think of
 when you think of camo! 
 Blush colored accessories just add another layer 
of femininity to the look.

Go peruse your closet and see what
 cute item is just waiting in there for you to rediscover.

Old Navy shirt
Gap jeans
Vera Wang sneakers
Groopdealz necklace
JewelMint bracelet
NY&C belt

Friday, May 6, 2016

Awkward and Awesome Friday

This week has been cray-cray!
I am ready for the weekend.
  • Getting the new vanity home for the bathroom remodel and the sink has a crack in it.
  • Finding hidden problems in your remodel project.
  • Helping son2 move out of his apartment and the car is all loaded up and ready to go... BUT the car won't start.
  • Going to pick up something at someone's house that you don't know and realizing as you are waiting at the front door that all of the flowers around the house are fake.
  • Transformer blowing in the neighborhood and there is no power for 4 hours.
  • Son2 graduating from college!!!
  • Getting unexpected flowers delivered to you.
  • A quick battery jump got my car back on the road home.
  • Finding fun unexpected items when cleaning out shelves and drawers.
  • Having both sons home for Mother's Day on Sunday.
I wore this last night for son2's graduation. 
 I have to say that the weather turned cold and rainy
 and I was wishing I had on tights and a sweater!
  This is definitely a warmer weather look.

Have a great Mother's Day 
whether you are being celebrated 
or you are celebrating someone else.

Loft top and skirt
Old Navy sandals
Target necklace