Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Leopard & Lace

Last night I went out with a couple of girlfriends.
One of them told me I had to name this post Leopard & Lace...thanks S!
So, this is what I wore out last night.
I am not a big lace wearer,
 but I knew lace was going to be very big this spring and summer.
  I ordered this lace top at a CAbi party in March. 
 I think I will get a ton of wear out of it.
The lace top just begged to be paired with leopard and pearls.
Funny bit about these shoes:
A dude came up to me last night and asked,
 "How many guys that aren't gay have told you
 how fabulous your shoes are?" 
 Ha Ha
I was very pleased with how my outfit turned out
 and I can see wearing this combo with a cute pair of shorts,
minus the heels.

Are you a lace lover?
Have you pulled any out to wear yet?

lace top-CAbi
all the pearl bracelets in my closet
earrings-accessory swap

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Maxi Stripes

So sorry to hear that many of you woke up to snow this morning!
All we got here were crazy thunderstorms.
 I decided to flip flop our look today. 
 I didn't really have any orange bottoms of any kind,
 but knew I had this great striped maxi.  
Sometimes it's hard to pull orange and blue off
 and not look as though you are wearing someone's school colors.  
They are just tricky colors together,
 but I think I managed to do it here.
I honestly thought I would be wearing this look
 without the blazer most of the day,
 but it never did warm up as much as they said.  

Do you like orange and blue together?
Do you find it tricky to pull off?

skirt-Old Navy

Monday, April 14, 2014

Casual Glam

I am into week 3 of the #pinneditspinnedit challenge.
Last week was by far easier than the first week and this week looks to be fun as well.
I have a few striped shirts in my closet,
 but my sequin striped t 
just kept calling my name for this challenge.
  Why not? 
 I love to mix casual and not so casual together anyway.
This little skirt is about as casual as you can get.
  A stretchy little number from Old Navy. 
 I am not a huge floral fan,
 but this skirt had just the right amount of floral
 and was just the right price.($16 on sale)
I debated on whether or not to add the blinged out necklace,
 but thought...
if you are going for it, go all the way!
  I decided on the flats to compliment the
 casual aspect of this look. 
 All in all I was very happy with my outcome and will wear it again.

Do you like to combine casual with glam?
How do you feel about florals?

stripe t-J.Crew
skirt-Old Navy (new)
flats-Sam Edelman

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Everything's Just Peachy

I hope you are having a beautiful spring Saturday.
The husband and I went out for lunch and frozen yogurt before he left for Augusta.
I couldn't believe how many people were outside enjoying the sunshine!
I love the fresh look of the peach for spring. 
 It has gotten pretty warm here so I opted for a
 sheer shirt instead of a cardi.
Funny thing about this outfit: 
Husband asked why I wasn't wearing shorts since
 it had turned so warm out. 
 I guess men don't have a clue what it takes to get our legs
 out of winter mode and into shorts wearing mode.
I guess I need to go ahead and start the process.....

Are your legs ready for spring?
What are some things you do to get them shorts ready???

top-Old Navy
belt-Michael Kors
flats-Sam Edelman
necklace-Ily Couture

Friday, April 11, 2014

Awkward and Awesome Friday

Woo Hoo, it's almost the weekend!
Taylor Swift and I are so happy about that.
  • Ordering something online and it takes over a month to finally get to your mailbox.
  • The neighbors down the street had a birthday party with a moon bounce and when they set it up they broke a gas line.  Our street looked like something out of a movie with all the emergency vehicles lined up.  Plus it smelled REALLY bad.
  • When your mop completely falls apart in the middle of cleaning your house.
  • Our poor little dog had to be shaved completely naked after having a party in the mud and rain.  I think a tiny forest was growing in his fur.
  • When the battery on your camera dies and you don't have a back up ready.
  • Ordering crawfish for a crawfish boil next weekend.
  • Husband going to the Masters this weekend.
  • The phone app called CocoPPa.  Google it, it is awesome.
  • Going through old photographs.
  • When your mom calls to tell you she is sending you Easter dinner via UPS.
 Never thought I'd be dressing like Miss Swift,
 but her look today is classic.
  Anyone of any age can pull it off. 
 I went with red skinnies and opted for sneakers instead of flats.  Super cute look for anytime whether
 you wear a skirt or skinnies.

Have you worn a version of this look before?
Will you in the future?

stripe shirt-Loft
red skinnies-Old Navy