Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Inside Out

Thanks for all of the well wishes yesterday.
Mr. Doctor fixed me up good.
In fact, I looked like I pulled off a drug heist when I left the pharmacy.
I am saying that I went inside out with this look today.
I really wanted to be super casual and leave my t untucked.
The reality was that my t was waaaay too long.
 I had no idea what shoes this chick wore,
 but I kept with my casual theme and pulled out my chucks.
I also added the sunnies so you wouldn't be subjected
 to my swollen, red asthma eyes.
I decided to wear my "bee" necklace instead of straight up mint.  
A.) it's a great necklace & one of my favs.
B.) my only straight up mint necklace looked like
 I hijacked it from a Native American in a B movie.

What is your favorite piece of jewelry right now?
Are you wearing it on repeat?

pink t/khakis-Gap
white cardi-Old Navy
belt-Ellen Tracy


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Flirty Skirt

I am headed out the door to the doctor this morning.
This crazy weather has wreaked havoc with my asthma!
Here's hoping for a simple solution from Mr. Doctor.
This look stumped me a bit. 
 As I have mentioned, I am not a huge floral wearer, 
so my choices were limited.
 I kind of, sort of, flip flopped
 the color palette on this outfit.
I am not crazy about the light colored shirt with this skirt,
 but it's not horrible.
I have worn a striped shirt with this skirt in the past.
As you have probably figured out by now. 
 I don't do heel often, so I threw on a cute pair of flat sandals. 
Of course, I added some jewelry to the look.
 As someone said on Instagram...
it's time for arm candy,
 no more real candy. 

What shirt would you have paired with this skirt?

link bracelet-Ted Baker

Monday, April 21, 2014

Red and Gray all the Way

Hey Ya'll!
I hope everyone had a great weekend and got to eat lots of Easter candy.
 Today's outfit is a great casual look with a great color combo.
I did put my own spin on it though.
 I took the leopard and put it in my shoes and 
added some pattern mixing with the T and cardi.
A fun statement bracelet completes the look.
 This is definitely a look I would wear again and again. 
 I really like the color combination,
 but don't know that I've worn it before. 
 I will have to remember how great red and gray look together.

Have you worn this combo together before?
How did you put the pieces together?

polka dot t-Gap
jeans-Old Navy
sneakers-Betsey Johnson

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy Easter Eve

Good Saturday morning to you all!
I hope your weekend is filled with sunshine and fun.
Sadly, mine looks to be filled with rain, but still fun.
Love this look and would easily wear it over and over again.
  I will say that I am not a heels and jeans kind of girl though.  
That probably won't ever be happening over here.
I opted for my leopard sneakers
added a statement necklace for some drama.
Wishing you a Happy Easter
may your Easter basket be full of
 Joy, Happiness and Peace always!

chambray shirt-Loft
sneakers-Betsey Johnson

Friday, April 18, 2014

Awkward and Awesome Friday

Happy Good Friday!
I hope everyone has a great Easter weekend planned.
  • Unknown bug bite on my hand and my hand swelling up like a balloon.
  • Dear girl:  If it is cold enough out to wear a coat, don't wear shorts under it so it looks as though you aren't wearing any pants.
  • Being in stand still traffic for over 30 minutes.
  • Turning into a contortionist while trying to fasten a bracelet onto your arm.
  • Texting husband that he left his briefcase at home and getting a text back saying he had the day off and went to get bagels.
  • A midweek concert.
  • The beautiful azaleas and dogwoods that are in bloom.
  • Compliments from complete strangers.
  • Buying Easter basket stuff for your sons even though they are in their 20's.
  • Easter - Matthew 28:6
Today's outfit was tricky in the sense that I don't do neutrals well and it's a bit dressier than my usual style. 
 The truth is I actually forgot I even owned this skirt. 
 It was nice to pull out and wear again. 
 I believe this picture of Joe is a debut of 
his recent severe haircut. 
Poor baby!

I apologize for not getting around to anyone's blog this week. 
 I will be making rounds over the weekend! 

skirt-Banana Republic
shoes-Land's End