Monday, October 5, 2015

Buffalo and Stripes

Hello everyone!
I am back from my Appalachian Trail hiking adventure.
Tune in Friday for a post telling all about it.
Have ya'll been getting the rain like we have around here? 
 It's been crazy,
 hence the mum not planted where those begonias are. 
With all of the rain, the cooler weather has definitely swept in. 
 I paired two of my favorite prints together.
  Buffalo plaid is a fall staple
 and I love it paired with stripes.
I went for a look with a very casual feel
 and added black and white jewelry to give it some pizazz.
  The addition of jewelry helps to pull the look together.
  Joe the dog dropped in today.
The poor thing must have missed me while I was away,
 as he hasn't left me out of his site since I returned.

Is buffalo plaid a favorite of yours?
What do you like to mix this print with?

Loft sweater
Old Navy shirt
Gap jeans
Nine West booties
Ily Couture necklace
Random black bracelets
Gifted watch

Friday, September 25, 2015

Awkward and Awesome Friday

So glad to see you!!
  • Watching a teen-age boy totally wipe out on his bike and trying to act like it is no big deal in front of his friends.
  • Friends talking about shoes and someone says something about her "fashionable" crocs.  We all just had to laugh!
  • Accidentally opening the door to a solicitor and having him say horrible things to me because I wasn't buying what he was selling.
  • Getting out your bike that hasn't been ridden in years and realizing halfway through bike ride that it is the nosiest bike ever!
  • Having to return your dead plants to Home Depot. (blackest thumb ever)
  • Watching a brother and sister pool their money at our garage sale to buy a pogo stick.
  • Discovering a new little boutique.
  • My new anniversary Starbucks mug.
  • A new pair of slippers for the cooler weather.
  • Going on the long awaited Appalachian Trail hike this weekend.
Wearing a full on fall look today 
as the temperatures have begun to slowly drop around here. 
 I went all black with touches of brown. 
 Such a rich looking combo.
  Added a bit of pattern mixing with the polka dots and leopard.  Classic look to start off the weekend.

I will not be blogging next week as 
I will be out on the Appalachian Trail. 
 Be sure to check out my Instagram during the week.

Marshall's jacket
Ivy and Leo shirt
Loft jeans
Target booties
Gap belt
Versona necklace
Kate Spade bag

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Blast Black and White With A Little Print

Is most of your closet black, white and shades of gray?
More people have that in their closet that bright, patterned clothing.
I can understand. 
 It's easy to shop for.
  It goes with everything. 
 It makes packing easy. 
 Heck, it makes getting dressed easy for that matter.
But, remember
 you can add interest and fun
 by popping on a print with that black and white ensemble!
I added two classic fall prints with this black and white look.
  A bit of plaid and leopard. 
 If the thought of pattern mixing is too much, just add one.
  It will take your usual "uniform" to another level
I bet it will put a pep in your step as well.

 Is your closet black. white and shades of gray?
Is it full of color and print?

Banana Republic T-shirt
Old Navy skirt
Marshall's booties and scarf
Gap belt

Monday, September 21, 2015


Good Morning!
Let's talk about transitioning summer pieces into fall.
Don't dismiss your summer clothes as soon as the
 temperatures begin to cool down.
Pair them with fall pieces to get fresh new looks.
I took this summer skirt and added a deep purple
long sleeved top with it. 
 The deep color resonates fall
 and you can push the sleeves up or down
 as needed during the day depending on the temps.
I opted for a fairly monochromatic look, 
just varying the shades of purple that I wore.
  This is another great way to transition a summer piece into fall.  
So, don't move your summer pieces
 to the back of the closet just yet.
  Re-imagine them and increase your fall wardrobe.

Do you like to transition clothes
do you just like to start with a clean slate for the next season?

Old Navy top and skirt
Simply Vera sneakers
Groopdealz necklace
Ruche' Bangles
Coach sunnies

Friday, September 18, 2015

Awkward and Awesome Friday

Hey Ya'll
I am in the throws of getting ready for a garage sale.
Why does it always sound like a good idea until you actually begin preparing for it?
  • When your 12 pound dog decides to chase the 2 full grown deer in your back yard.
  • Getting your hand caught between the rungs of a sliding ladder.
  • You and your friends carpool and as your friend is on the way to your house you remember that the cars are in the parking lot where you all met to carpool.
  • Out on a hike and climbing over giant rocks when a dude stops on the trail we didn't see and asks if we meant to go that way.
  • Planning a girls night out at a new restaurant, but failing to notice that the place closed at 8:30.
  • Outdoor activities in the fall weather.
  • A well groomed dog.  I honestly believe that they shaved about 8 pounds off of #joethedog.
  • Wine,baked goods and good friends. 
  • Football season.
  • When you finally get to speak to a human after what seems like a hundred automated prompts.
 One of my favorite things to do is mix "fancy" with ordinary.
  What is a better way to do that than
 with a sequin t-shirt and boyfriend jeans?
  I added the chuck taylors to keep that casual feel. 
 No jewelry ~ 
I let the bling speak for itself.

How was your week?
Awkward or awesome?

J.Crew top
Gap jeans and belt
Converse sneakers
Michael Kors watch

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