Monday, November 21, 2016

How blogging helped me understand MY own personal style.

Fashion is a very subjective thing.
Some things you just hate and some you just love.
While others you have no opinion about at all.
 When I began my blogging journey six years ago.... 
I knew I liked fashion, 
that I was getting into that "what do I wear at my age" arena
 and how can I avoid from becoming a woman that gives up on style?
I decided to start my blog to help me find my particular fashion sense, 
feel more comfortable with my choices and
 especially what to do with what was already in my closet.
  I am happy to say that I have accomplished
 all these goals and more.
My tips on finding your own sense of style:
  • If you are not sure what your style is,  start a Pinterst board pinning looks that appeal to you.  Look at the pins collectively and figure out what all those looks have in common.  That should be your jumping off point.
  • Don't listen to most 'what not to wear after a certain age' advice.  Maybe you are in your 60's and have amazing legs (Tina Turner)  show them off.  Maybe you are in your 20's and don't have great arms.  Cover them up.  The key is to dress for your body, not your age.  And use your common sense!  Glitter shorts should probably be left to the 20somethng crowd.
  • Experiment!  I don't like to hear women saying, "I could never wear that"   Have you tried?  Have you tried a different spin on that look if it really doesn't work for you?  Don't be scared to try new things, but in the end...if you just don't feel comfortable in the look and you have truly given it a chance, then don't force it.
  • If you are a "I always wear black or neutrals" kind of women...experiment with pops of color.  If you are like me, "I always wear color"...give black and other neutrals a chance.  Remember, leopard is a neutral!
  • Remember that hair and make-up are a part of your style.  Don't neglect either of them.  If you prefer minimal make-up, no problem-  just have a really good skin care routine.  If you are a no fuss hair person, that is fine too.  Just keep it trimmed, washed and if you haven't had a new hairstyle in the last 10 years, please go update your style!
Those are the top 5 general lessons that I have learned while blogging. 

JCPenney button up
Joe Fresh sweater
Gap jeans
Target boots
Handpicked necklace
c/0 oNecklace pendent

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