Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Day of Cooking

Today is Thanksgiving Eve if you will and for many of us that means... Cooking Day!  It really isn't so bad at my house.  Everyone picks their favorite dish and they are responsible for putting it together.  Husband fries the Turkey on Turkey Day and it all comes together quite nicely.  Everyone is happy with what is served and I am relaxed and have time to watch the parade on Thanksgiving Day.  If only I could get someone to watch the parade with me!

Please excuse the terrible lighting in these photo's.  I really do need to learn more about lighting.  I think  that will be a 2011 goal.  As you can tell I am just super casual today since I am going to be in the kitchen hanging out with the family.  Hopefully, not making multiple trips to the market because I forgot to get key ingredients.  You know what I am talking about, it happens to the best of us.

Cooking Day Ensemble:
Notice how clean the counter is, the boys haven't started their cooking projects yet!
Gotta get that cornbread in the oven for the dressing
I cook with wine…Sometimes I even put it in the food !

Ignore the earrings hanging on the shoes, obviously I didn't wear those today.  Forgot to take a picture of just the shoes.

That is the same necklace I wore yesterday with the leopard print sweater.  (I forgot to picture it yesterday)

navy t-GAP-on sale-$9.99
light blue sweater-ATL-on sale-$12.99
jeans-Old Navy-$24.50
watch-The Jewel Box-$18.99 
tennis shoes-Zappos-$48-Jack Purcell, Converse

Here's to hoping everyone's Thanksgiving meal turns out delish and fabulous!  
Will be drawing for the scarf Giveaway tomorrow(T'giving day).  If I don't get the winner up tomorrow, look for it on Black Friday!



Jodi said...

Hi ya!! I can smell the turkey from here.. we had our thanksgiving back in October so already had our turkey.. I love turkey!! And I love your stainless steel fridge.. I would love one of those!! You are looking beautiful, you have such a great smile! Hope you have a super thanksgiving and guess I will catch up with you next week then!!

Heres the link to the full zebra dress, although when I look at it I guess its more of a black and white pattern and less zebra.. but I will continue to call it Zebra, why not ? LOL

xoxo Jodi

Jodi said...
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Pink Stilettos said...

I like your sweater...have a great Thanksgiving xoxo

Pink Stilettos

RETRO REVA said...

Hi there! i am your newest follower!
I am 46, a thrift-store junkie who loves making outfits ;)
We 'saged' fashionistas need to stick together and show the youngins' a thing or two ;)
Pop over sometime, I'd love to meet you :)
You're photos are so friendly and energetic!!!!!!!
And i like your style as well :)
Happy Thanksgiving!
Retro Reva

Stacey said...

That's my kind of outfit for a day of cooking and nesting. :) Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

Oh, did you see the Black Friday deals that are posted on Gap website?

silvergirl said...

Ha Stacey,
Already shopped online at GAP, Old Navy and Ann Taylor Loft today!