Saturday, December 18, 2010

One inspiration picture ~ Two outfits

My inspiration picture came from the Holiday J.Crew catalog.  I will admit to you now that I love just about anything J.Crew.  Don't own a lot, because well, the rest of my family has to have clothing too.
I saw this outfit and I was just immediately drawn to it.  I don't own one single item of J.Crew clothing in the photo, so I said to myself... what DO I own that could be similar.
So without further ado, here is the inspiration and the outfits I came up with.....

cardi- $78
sequin cardi-$325
buffalo check shirt-$78
Total for outfit not including shoes = $570

The first look I wore on Wednesday while doing some volunteer work.
I borrowed elements of the above picture, but am going with a different color scheme and an even more casual approach to this look.
I wasn't sure if I pulled it off or not. Surprisingly I got quite a number of compliments on my outfit that day, so I guess I did pull it off.

Total cost- $0, everything was pulled from my closet!

gray shirt-GAP
sequin top- H&M
belt-Calvin Klein
watch-The Jewel Box
(okay, if I add up what I actually did pay for these items, cost of outfit, including shoes...$178.50)

The second look I wore on Friday to two different Christmas parties.  An afternoon party at my home and an evening party at someone else's home.
I copied the inspiration picture a bit more literally for this outfit, but it is still my own creation.

Again, cost is $0, because everything was pulled from my closet.  Everything except the organza ribbon around my waist. 
That came from the gift wrapping bin in the hall closet. :)

shirt-Old Navy
sequin top-ATL
jeans-White House/Black Market
belt-gift wrapping bin
shoes-passed along from friend's daughter
(actual cost of outfit, not including shoes because they were free - $179)  

There you have it!  One inspiration picture
Two outfits!

Hope this inspires you to take a shopping trip into your closet and see if you can create an outfit from an image you love.
PS...you need to check out the 1997 cover of the J.Crew catalog courtesy of
Just one more reason to love J.Crew!


Stacey said...

Both outfits are perfect. I love the touch of red added to the second outfit. :)

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

Brett, seriously, your outfits look way better than the J. Crew outfit...I think you can save your money! I love to find inspiration looks and then mimic them in a more affordable way...you went affordable and creative and you beat out the catalog!

Anonymous said...

Oh, that second outfit looks so comfy AND Christmasy. I agree with Pam; it's better than the J. Crew outfit!

Lady Lipstick said...

OMG I LOVE the Jcrew catalog!! Seriously everything about it!! Their clothes rock! You did a great job with it!! And you wore our H&M sequins tank!! YAY!


RoseAG said...

Nice looking outfit!

I'm a big fan of stealing styling from catalogs.

Joy said...

Awesome, awesome!! I've been loving you in all the sequins!!

fashionoverfifty said...

Ahhh, a kindred spirit--I love the outfits in the j crew catalog! I always have their pics posted on my inspiration board. Love the sequin/sweater/jean combo---SO J CREW! GREAT!

RoseAG said...

Nice looking outfit!

I'm a big fan of stealing styling from catalogs.