Monday, December 27, 2010

A White(day after)Christmas

I hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas and didn't get stranded anywhere due to this crazy weather.  We waited around all day on Christmas for our winter wonderland to appear.  By 11:30 pm, I had given up.  All I saw was sleet when I turned in that night.
Sunday morning I was awoken by loud screams and a weird gravel sound.  I jumped out of bed and peered out the window.  What to my wondering eyes did appear???  A Winter Wonderland with kids sledding down our street!  It was so beautiful and completely unexpected.
That look out the window sealed the deal for me.  Pajamas and movies all day long!
Husband actually went out to some "man" stores and shopped, but I declared the entire day as a vacation day and didn't do anything!!!!!!!

Now it is Monday and the snow is still here, but my vacation day is over.  Off to have some fun with husband and sons.

My challenge is winding down, but I still had a little glitz today.
The buttons on my sweater are bling and there are silver glittery threads running through my socks!
Both items were Christmas gifts from husband.
He did GOOD!
Everything looks so beautiful outside and the sky is so blue.  The temperature isn't even that bad except for when the wind is blowing.  Unfortunately the wind seems to be blowing quite a bit. LOL

plaid shirt-Old Navy
red sweater-J.Crew
boot socks-GAP


Lady Lipstick said...

Hey!!! It looks like a fabulous Christmas you had!! I am so jealous of all of the snow you all got! We are just happy to get a break from the heat! UGGG!
I love the socks with those boots and it reminded me that I need some! HA!!
I hope your Christmas was splendid!!


RETRO REVA said...

You look so cute and well dressed even for the snow! The skinny belt is the icing!
I was in Western KY over the holidays and it was so neat to see the south finally getting a white Christmas!

Molly said...

You look too great! Sounds like Sunday was a dream.

Happy (almost) New Year, lovely lady.

Leaving the House in THIS?!?!

Rebecca said...

The bright red looks lovely against the snowy background.

Anonymous said...

Red is your color! Aren't snow days that greatest? At least when you don't have to drive in them! xo

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

Hi Brett...love the red and the plaid and still very jealous of the snow...your outfit is really cute for the occasion.

Anonymous said...

Brett--you look like someone who deals with the snow every day.

silviasiantar said...

Happy holidays!

Beautiful styling.

You have a great blog by the way! I am so happy i ran into it! It's a great read! Your posts are great and your style is amazing!
Im gonna follow you on blolovin!
Hope you visit me back and become a follower:)
That would be amazing!


Jilliebeanie said...

Perfect Christmas outfit!

Sarah {Raving Fashionista} said...

I love the pairing of that bright red sweater and plaid top. You look perfectly winter cozy and cute! :)