Tuesday, January 18, 2011

We Gonna Sip Bacardi Like It's Your Birthday!

Thank you 50 Cent for that great song lyric!

So it is true, today is my birthday and I am another year older and another year wiser, right?!

Do you love having birthdays?  I will admit that I do.  I love the hoopla, attention, gifts, cake and all the trimmings.  The bigger the better I say.
Not everyone is like that.  I have friends that rather the moment just pass quietly by or that get embarrassed or uncomfortable when it comes to birthday hoopla.

Which one are you?  Full on celebrate or quiet no frills?

A little pattern mixing going on here.
  I love argyle and think that the preppy-ness of it paired with this floral goes great together.
Pair the complicated patterns with a simple khaki pant 
and you got yourself an outfit.
HMM, wonder if people are beginning to notice that my obsession with pink is starting to creep into my wardrobe.
I tried to keep it under wraps for as long as I could.
Check out the soft pink necklace and earrings
A Birthday Gift!!

Don't forget to enter my give away!! 

green floral shirt-Marshall's
argyle sweater-Old Navy
khaki pants-GAP
shoes-Dansko via Zappos


Anonymous said...

Happy Bday!! We drag birthdays out for a week over here. Love the argyle vest. Have a wonderful day, Sweetie! xo

The Closet Shopper said...

Happy Birthday to YOU! I love my birthday. We are alike that way. Have a very special wonderful day. Party like it's yer birfday.


oomph. said...

um...despite the fact that i...um...take tons of pictures of myself...and post them for the world to see, i really don't like the spotlight, lol! so small, intimate gatherings are more my thing...but i do love birthdays! happy bday to you. love the pink/green combo here.


Joy said...


I LOVE birthdays!! LOVE THEM!

I like to celebrate with a fuss!!

That vest is too cute and I like it with the floral shirt. I wouldn't have thought to do that!

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...


The Elegant Bohemian said...

Happy Birthday! You look absolutely lovely! ~Serene

fashionoverfifty said...

Happy Birthday Brett--love the pink and many more.
Birthdays I tend to keep secret...sort of.

Stacey said...

Happy Birthday. :) Oh yes, we love to make it last as long as possible in our family.

You look great in pink. I think it's a flattering color for most girls.

Ashley said...

Happy happy birthday! I'm more of a quiet birthday person, although I can be both, depending. I think I'm secretly afraid that people won't have a good time if I have a party, so I don't!

Love your pink argyle! Pink is one of my favorite colors, too. And I love argyle, especially in vest-form!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday...and wear all the pink you want. I, for one, as a person who likes a quiet birthday.

Deborah said...

I'm with Debby. I always say it's my birthday week.

Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!!!! Such lovely colors and patterns. This is my first time over here on your blog and I just love that header! So so true. :)


katty said...

Happy birthday! Today's my daughter's birthday too. She, like you, is all about celebrating. She dresses up early in the morning,and she loves having people calling and visiting and throwing parties. I, on the other hand, would rather skip the day and wake up the next day with the new age. Getting older is not the problem, it's just the day that I hate. But when I turned forty I was really excited and wanted to celebrate it big and I did! But I still don't know how that happened. For my 41st birthday I was back into my old self, though.

Previously Owned said...

Happy birthday!!!! Such lovely colors and patterns. This is my first time over here on your blog and I just love that header! So so true. :)