Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Oh Sequins, How I Have Missed You

Are you crazy about sequins too?
It seems there are a lot of us out there.
Why is it that we wear the heck out of them during December and then put them on the back burner after that?
I have been so excited to see so many sequins hit the stores for the spring!
I had to pull out some for today to celebrate... Sequins are not just for the Holidays anymore.
The sequins are clear and subtle on this tee, but it is one of my favorites. 
Sequins were originally made for kings and queens 
and are thought to have been produced by rolling gold super thin, 
cutting out discs and then glazing them to prevent scratches.
  I decided to go for a bit more casual look with my sequins than they were originally used for. 
Kind of a preppy, casual look I think.
I added a touch of light blue with the skinny belt and necklace
to break up all of the "honeysuckle" color that was going on. 
By coincidence my nails are even blue today.

PS... I am sure you noticed last week I changed my comment section over to Disqus.  I hope that it has been easier to comment and that no one has incurred any difficulties.  Would love to hear what you think of the new system. 
jeans-Old Navy
necklace-clothing swap


peghinds said...

I love sequins too! You look fabulous in your spring sequin look! Hey, was it hard to put on Disqus? I've been trying and can't get it to work.

Rebecca said...

I'm not really a sequin girl, but I do think they look super cute on other people!

Tracy said...

disqus is weird for me. i have to enter all of my information each and every time i comment. so, i'm not a big fan. i'm sure there's a way around that. but i can't figure it out.

you look amazing. loving your hair!


Tinfoils Tiaras said...

I want your sequin tee- I am a sucker for sequins! That's neat how they make sequins- I've never thought about it! Pretty in pink!

Paula said...

I dont understand why peope change their comments to discus. Was it hard in blogger?
I love the casual sequin look on you! And in your favorite color! I have this blue sequin top that I keep meaning to wear but always find a reason not to.....

Hey There Carole! said...

What a wonderful cheery spring outfit. Good Job! :-)

Lyddiegal said...

I love bright sequined stripes! They not only make it an everyday sequin, but a daytime sequin and I'm in favor of sequins everyday!

Kileen said...

i love sequins and i love pink! this outfit couldn't be more perfect!

cute & little

Debby said...

Very cute... love the pink! Can you believe I don't own anything w/ sequins? Perhaps I need to add some more sparkle! xo