Monday, April 18, 2011

Dogwood Days

Do you love dogwoods like I do?  Especially the pink ones!
I love that they seem to always bloom the week before Easter, no matter when Easter is.  The flowers are so delicate and pretty and the shape of the branches on the tree makes such a pretty picture.

I attempted to take some pictures of me with one of the pink dogwoods in my yard.  Between the sun and the gang of people passing by making me extremely self conscience I didn't do the best job. 
Here is a look at my attempt
I am wearing my cute little sweater that I wore with my maxi on Monday.
I made sure the little S tag was not still on it this time!
Excuse the cut off feet, but it was either feet
dogwood blooms. 
I thought the blooms looked much better!

I paired the multi shade honeysuckle cardi with this light blue top. 
I love the color combination. 
I added the darker blue belt and shoes(see 1st picture) to give the combination some added interest.
My pants are a small pinstripe khaki. 
No need for added jewelry due to the beaded neckline.  
I did add some darker blue earrings to balance out the darker blue at the waist and feet.

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blue top and honeysuckle cardi-The Loft
pinstripe khakis-GAP
belt-Steve Madden via Nordstrom Rack
earrings-Old Navy


Shybiker said...

I love flowers in bloom; they are nature at its loveliness. And that sweater is darn cute, too!

Pam@Over50feeling40 said...

I love dogwoods too...and I still love your cardigan...it is really cute!!

Kari said...

I love that cardigan!

Rebecca said...

I like blue and pink together too. I am jealous of all of those flowers, since we are having a late spring this year.

Tracy said...

Love the color combination. I too adore the dogwood. I'm not sure there are any in northern California. I haven't seen any.

Isn't just so embarrassing when neighbors catch you during a photo shoot? I'm just like you. Super self conscience about that stuff. But you pulled it off. Great pics.


Writeitinlipstick.blogspot.com said...

is that what that tree is called, I do love Dogwood I just didnt know what it was called. But the color of the tree goes great with your outfit and I have said this before I am sure but that cardigan is so cute.

Tinfoilstiaras said...

Flowers in bloom are my favourite part of spring (that and the cute baby animals!) I love the colour blocking here- you look great!

Terri said...

The pink dogwoods are my favorite. Every time we pass one, I make a point to point it out to DH. And, yes, I have noticed that they always seem to bloom in time for Easter. Supposedly the brown tips on the petals are emblematic of Christ's blood on the cross.

silvrgurl said...

I am usually okay if they are kind of far away, but these people were only
about 15 ft in front of me. So embarrassed. I mean what must people
think??? I always have some story ready in my head about a husband in the
armed services or something. LOL

silvrgurl said...

Glad you know the name of the tree. they also bloom in white which is much
more prevalant

silvrgurl said...

There is a whole legend of the dogwood and Christ.

Moniquezuman said...

Those pants are really pretty!

Monique xx


Piril Maria said...

Nice outfit. Wonderful colors.

♥ Love,