Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Preppy McPrepersome

I will not lie to you and say that I did not fully embrace the prep trend of the 80's.  I was all about it.
Mixing colors, patterns, khakis and bermudas.  Molly Ringwald was my fashion icon. Did you ever see the Judd Nelson movie, Making The Grade?  I wanted every outfit worn in that movie.

Today's outfit is a tribute to that time in my life.  The only worries were, what time does that party start, have you seen my pearls and where did you say that sale on Ralph Lauren polo's was?

I feel in love with these shorts after seeing them in Lucky Magazine.  Little did I know that they were men's shorts. 
 I just got the smallest size they had and let them ride on my hips.
I did have to cuff the bottoms or I would have had some strange cross between a crop pant and pedal pusher.
I love the denim shirt with the plaid and it was cool enough that day to just roll up the sleeves.
I know, I was still having trouble using the self tanner on the tops of my feet. 
I have since remedied this problem.
Were you a preppy back in the day or are you one now.
  Maybe you are too young to even know that preppy was big back in the 80's
and the only reason you know who Molly Ringwald is
- is because she now plays a mom on TV! :)

denim shirt-Banana Republic
shorts-Old Navy
shoes-Nine West via Nine West Store
bracelets-random ones from collection
sapphire studs-gifted


Pam@Over50feeling40 said...

This is really cute and you look so joyful as you model it!!  I do have male students who wear the same shorts :) 

silvrgurl said...

that is funny that you noticed those shorts on your guys
the pattern is the best!

Rebecca said...

I like the shorts.  I was pretty preppy in the 90s.  I like clean, fitted clothes!

Kileen said...

you look like you belong in the Ralph Lauren catalog!!  i love these shorts on you and you mastered the prep look!

cute & little

Shybiker said...

When I went to college in the late 1970's, there was a large contingent of preppies there.  They were the offspring of very wealthy families.  I couldn't have joined that group if I wanted to. 

silvrgurl said...

I think everyone must have had a least one small preppy phase in their life.

Tracy said...

I did the full on izod shirts and bermuda shorts in the 80's.

I LOVE this look on you. It's preppy-chic on you.


silvrgurl said...

why yes, Ralph and Dylan and I are just super close! Thank you
:) xoxo

silvrgurl said...

that's why we were always looking for the polo's on sale
that was right when Steinmart hit the scene and you could get them insanely
cheap there
We would go to a town about 45 min away from college buy a ton and come back
to school and sell them for about 3 bucks more than we paid.
Those were the days....

Ashley said...

 I love the shorts!  I've been thinking about exploring the men's section for myself recently.  I want some baggy denim shorts, and going into the OTHER section seems like the only way I'm going to achieve the look I'm going for!

I didn't know preppy was such a big hit in the 80's...my 80's fashion icon is Nikki Sixx.  Quite the opposite!

Paula said...

I love the denim shirt and short look!  Both are on my list for summer wear.   I was never a fan of the preppy look; but I incorperate ANY style in what I wear.  And what's better than Ralph Lauren!  Paula  

Peggy said...

you look great in the prepster look - I love it myself . 

Stacey said...

I love that outfit!  Fun and classic.  :) 

Tinfoils Tiaras said...

Your legs are so smooth looking for self-tanner- mine always have strange blotches everywhere! I LOVE this preppy outfit- I just bought a men's shirt I loved- just gotta go smaller! Great blouse and that necklace is so cute! I was never really a prep in high school but all the other girls were

Betty said...

I like it so much that I am "coveting" those shorts.  And I liked seeing what shoes you wore with the outfit.  It all worked so well.  As you know, I tend toward classic, traditional, and I very much embraced the preppy look. I laughed when you said it was cool enough to wear your shirt--until we got into that HOT, stuffy clubhouse.  Whew!

Thriftygirlvintage said...

Love the plaid shorts!  And yes, I did see Sixteen Candles when it first came out...and Pretty in Pink...and The Breakfast Club...

Sewliturgical said...

LOVE those shorts - must run to Old Navy!! I have a madras skirt from LL Bean - about 5 yrs old - I wear it all the time.
I graduated in 84 and yes, preppy was the big thing. I've been thru many fashion phases, but a classic look is really best on me.However I believe we should add a "twist" so as not to look to costumey. I spend many an hour trying to figure out what that "twist" is, haha.