Thursday, June 9, 2011

Awkward And Awesome Thursday

Hello My Lovelies!
I am somewhere in downtown Nashville at this very moment having a spectacular time.
Doesn't look like I will be posting from here...if you read below you will find out the reason why.
Can't wait to post when I get back home though.

Meanwhile, here is a little outfit post to tide you over....

  • Husband leaving town the day before you and taking the ipad with him.  Now I can't post any lovely pictures to my blog.  Shame on him!
  • Standing in line at the license agency and finally being called up only to find out husband didn't sign all the papers that needed to be signed.  They wouldn't let me forge sign the document.  Now poor son1 has to wait another 5 days to drive his new to him car.
  • Realizing husband might be heading a conspiracy against me. (did you ever watch the movie GASLIGHT) just kidding
  • Checking out at Target and having the check out lady put a container of laundry  detergent into a plastic bag, bag breaking, detergent knocking diet coke off of counter and exploding in the floor of the check out line.  5 year old girl behind me was heard to say, "What a Mess!"
  • Playing tug-o-war with a lady at Old Navy over a $4 sundress.  Seriously, I had it first and I promise you she was in the wrong size department.  I did win out in the long run.

  • What could be more awesome than that?!

I actually wore this last Wednesday. 
 I have been trying to incorporate the scarf look for summer, but you know what...
 it is just too darn hot. 
 I pulled it off this day because I was working inside at the Help Center all day,
otherwise, it would have just been a HOT mess.
 (using hot in the literal term here)
Wondering what I am up to in Nashville? 
 Follow me on twitter and find out.
Hope to have a recap post of my trip at the beginning of next week.

Now head out and have an awesome day!

shirt-Steinmart about 100 yrs ago
bracelets-a mix


Ashley said...

I hope you're having a fab time in Nashville!  Although I KNOW you are, so that's a silly hope.

I'm glad you won out in your tug-o-war battle.  How rude of the other participant.  She should have just handed it over to you.  I'm not being sarcastic, either.  You deserve rockin' $4 sundress!

Tinfoils Tiaras said...

Girl I am so jealous of your vacay- I will be eagerly awaiting picures and tweets! That's a whole lot of awkward in one week- I'm surprised the detergent and coke combo didn't cause some sort of supermarket explosion! I've said this before but I think this is one of my favourite looks- as you know I am a big fan of scarves and you rock this look (it's worth a sweaty neck!)

Betty said...

I love that look!!  Cute outfit and the scarf makes it--however, there is no way in this humidity...so glad you are having so much fun in "Brett nirvana"!!