Monday, June 27, 2011

The Date

Hello All,
I hope everyone had a nice weekend.  Saturday, husband and I went out for our 26 year anniversary which was actually on Wed.  As mentioned before I wore my new Banana Republic dress that I have been wanting since the first time I saw it.
I know I am not 5'8" & 100 LBS like the model shown wearing it in the magazine add,
 but I love the dress any way!!
Bonus: dress has pockets, I love pockets.
Husband and I made a day of it on Saturday. 
 We started the afternoon off by visiting the only brewery we have here in Charlotte. 
 The Old Mecklenburg Brewery. 
 It is only 2 years old, but it was fun.
  We toured the behind the scenes, drank some yummy beer, hung out with the cool, young crowd and even brought home a growler. 
I piled on lots of silver jewelry with this dress. 
 I thought about some wood pieces, but they just seemed to heavy and hot.
I slapped my high wedges on because this dress is ridiculously long and off we went.
After our tour, we had some yummy food and came back home to watch a movie. 
 After the movie, well.....
 that's just private business! :)

It was a nice relaxing celebration and that is just what we needed and wanted!

maxi-Banana Republic
random silver bracelets
earrings-Old Navy


revasrags2roses ford said...

Great dress and love the shoes, I must go to Targei' very soon!
I love date nights ;)

Lyddiegal said...

The dress looks great on you- glad you were able to finally snag it on sale!
Happy Anniversary!

Pam@Over50feeling40 said...

Beautiful dress, Brett!  I bet your husband was really pleased!  You look great...

Terri said...

the shoes are perfect with the dress!  Happy anniversary.

Deborah said...

I love those wedges. Love!

Our anniversary was on Saturday as well! But only two years. New hubby!

Congratulations and happy anniversary!

Ginger said...

It's a pretty dress!
It sounds like a lovely anniversary.
I've read several blog posts about divorce lately. It's amusing because they were intertwined with advice about how-to remain married.  I'm not sure why someone who's divorced is the best source on that topic.

Seems like people who've managed to reamin happily married don't have so much to say about it.

silvrgurl said...

Target does a great job copy catting designer shoes

Tracy said...

That dress is gorgeous. And so are you, my sweet Brett! How did it feel being the prettiest woman in the room? Because I'm sure you were.

I want this dress, obviously. So, I will email you my address and I expect it in the mail by next Tuesday.


Peggy said...

Your shoes rock! I want them!