Friday, August 19, 2011

Belt It!

Hello My Darlin' Friends!
The other night son2 and I watched David Copperfield and his nanny called him My Darlin' Boy in the best English accent evah!
Now I am calling everyone My Darlin' _____.  Yea, I am easily influenced like that.

But on to today's challenge. 
The 21 Day Challenge today is "Belt It". 
 Kayla, the creator of the 21 Day Challenge, and I were talking about the fact that beyond the blogger world, not that many people belt their clothing.
  Girls - this is the easiest way to define your torso.
  You can create a high waist, natural waist or low waist look.
Belts can vary from super skinny to ultra wide and please don't hesitate to step out of the box and wear a belt that isn't in the black or brown family. 
I decided to do the double belt trend today.
 A belt can help characterize your look and is a great all around accessory. 
Are you a belter or a non-belter?
What is your favorite belt trend if you are a belter?

ruffle top-Loft
wide leg trousers-GAP
wedges-Rack Room
necklace-clothing swap
random bracelets
belts-Nordstrom's Rack


Hilary Biggart said...

love, love, love your outfit. i love the embellished tee with the double belting. so beautiful!

silvrgurl said...

thanks so much Hilary!
hope you have a great weekend

Kayla said...

Oh wow, way to do the double belt!! I tried but couldn't get mine to look right. I think the skinnier they are (like yours!) , the easier it is to double up. That top is really cute!

Freckles in April

silvrgurl said...

Totally copied look out of J Crew catalog
Yes you have to do skinny belts for
The double look

Julie Spitler said...

Love the double belt! I am going to try that out. Also, LOVE your pants. They are fantastic.


silvrgurl said...

Thanks Julie
Yea! Try the double belt
It's a pain when in the bathroom but
It looks so cute lol

Debby said...

Always wear a belt. Love the idea of doubling up... never would have thought of that! Have and awesome weekend, Brett!! xo

silvrgurl said...

Double up with those skinny belts baby!!

Lyddiegal said...

I am definitely a belter! I love the double belts. When I was in high school I used to like to wear tons at the same time, like 8. It was crazy.

silvrgurl said...

8 belts!? That's just crazy enough that it probably looks really cute!