Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dress or Skirt Day + Awkward & Awesome Thursday

Today for the 21 Day Challenge is was wear a dress or skirt day. 
I decided on my fabulous Banana Republic maxi dress.

Most of the time when I wear this dress I style it with shades of brown. 
 Today I thought I would try using black as my accent color. 
 I love brown and black together and with the blue added to the mix I think it looks kinda sophisticated. 
  • In the shower trying to read how to use a new hair product, but I can't read the small print without my glasses
  • Spending way too much time trying to figure out why my printer isn't working only to find out 3 hours later it is the browser that is causing the problem and not the printer!
  • Husband leaving my credit card at the restaurant in Asheville this weekend
  • Getting $1 Tacos for lunch with husband and son2 and suddenly realizing why they are only $1
  • Hearing that you didn't get a job from your friend when she calls to say sorry you didn't get the job because she just met the woman that did. (epic professional fail!)
  • Son2 starting first day of senior year today!
  • Getting a package from Banana Republic that has been on back order for so long that you forgot you ordered it.
  • Baking cookies for a care package to send to son1 at school
  • The fall edition of InStyle magazine
  • Totally messing with husband after he has been snoring his brains out for 45 min then turns to me with eyes wide open to tell me the light I am using to read by is keeping him awake.  (do not try this at home if you are not prepared for an angry(but super funny) outcome by husband lol)
Wondering if this maxi could be styled for fall or is it strictly a summer item!?

maxi-Banana Republic
wedges-Dolce Vita via Target
necklace/bracelet-Canal Street NYC


Natalie said...

Looks fantastic!  I totally see this dress working for fall because of the great color scheme, maybe a denim jacket or a brown cardi or blazer.  Have you tried it over a button down shirt?

silvrgurl said...

Thanks Natalie
Those are all great suggestions
Going to put those ideas on my inspiration board

Writeitinlipstickblog said...

oh I love the brown and black look you look HAWT! my favorite outfit thus far. 

silvrgurl said...

Thanks so much
Glad you are back from your vacay

Tracy said...

That first pic of you is glamorous and gorgeous. LOVE your hair. I think the black accessories really did chic up the outfit a bunch. Good call. Throw on a sweater and a blazer and boots and you've got your winter look!

That job thing? WTF?? I mean, did she think that might be awkward? Or was she clueless?

I love getting back ordered items after I've forgotten about them, it's like Christmas!

Amy said...

Definitely not a summer only dress, it could take you straight into the fall. Cardigan's, button downs, boots, oh how I love boots in the fall! 

Debbi@SheAccessorizesWell said...

Very pretty as always. I love the bit about your husband snoring. I can't read in bed because my husband doesn't like it either. I like to read in bed to wind down and get sleepy.

Tinfoil Tiaras said...

Oh go for it- style it for fall I love this dress on you! Oh boy about the $1 tacos- I've been there and I might just have to try the snoring boyfriend trick tonight! Oh and about the crazy cat lady- maybe I'll just have 10 :)

Shybiker said...

Pretty dress.

Rebecca said...

That is a gorgeous dress, and I like the wide belt.

Julie Spitler said...

Such a pretty dress! I love the belt:)


silvrgurl said...

thanks Julie