Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Plain Jane

I hope everyone had a fabulous long weekend and that you were safe from fires and floods!

Now that the 21 Day Challenge is over, getting dressed is kind of eh!  I hope I get over this quickly because I have a super fun event this weekend and I need to get dressed up. 

But for now just bear with me as I get over the challenge blues.
See, I told you.
  Nothing to write home about.
Just a simple shirt and pants. 
   No fuss, no muss. 
 And that is all I have to say about that!
Please stop by tomorrow to see if I have gotten myself out of my clothes depression.
  I know it would help if it would suddenly turn cool and fall like. 
 I think I am just so tired of summer clothes!

Are you able to start wearing fall clothes where you live? 
 Are you over your summer wardrobe as well?
Will you start wearing fall clothes even if the temperature is 95 degrees? 

shirt-Banana Republic


Jessica Zigenis said...

This whole week is 100 degrees where I live (OR). Needless to say, I am not a happy camper.

silvrgurl said...

pineing for fall right along with you

Ashley said...

I like your outfit!  No fuss is fine, sometimes!  It got FREEZING overnight here, and I'm having a hard time having to go from summer to fall in such a short time.  There was no transitioning at all.  Although I do think it's supposed to warm up again in the next few days...

I'm not QUITE over my summer clothes, but I think I'll be okay when fall does roll around the corner.  I actually found myself missing being a pale redhead a few days ago.  The feeling only lasted a few minutes.  BUT I STILL HAD IT.

Kayla said...

Ohhhh how I am longing for Fall! Some day...

And I've totally got a little post challenge slump going on too. What do I wear??

Freckles in April

tracy miller said...

We are just starting our summer weather here. Thank goodness. But I'm sure I'd be feeling like you too if I'd been in 100 plus heat for months.

I like your simple look. Those pants fit you super well. You should wear them a lot more!

I can't seem to sign in to give comments like I normally do, so that's why it's showing my first and last name. weird.


WendyB said...

It suddenly turned into fall here! I swear, I don't remember summer ever ending so quickly!

Betty said...

Nothing to write home about except those girlish hips--you look great in those pants.  It's comforting to have you down from the fashion stratosphere where we non-bloggers live!

Rebecca said...

It is starting to get cooler here. September is definitely fall in MN.

Joy said...

You are always so cute whether it's "plain jane" or sequins!! You always make me smile, Brett!

Deborah said...

I'm sad summer is ending. I am happy summer is ending. Where I live fall is awesome, yet it means winter is coming! Brrrr!

Adorable as always girl.

Debby said...

Love the blouse and I love your hair up! xo