Thursday, September 1, 2011

Statement Jewelry

When I found out today's challenge on The 21 Day Challenge was statement jewelry,I knew exactly what I wanted to spotlight!
Since I have worn statement necklaces already in this challenge, I wanted to highlight statement earrings!
I went to get my fabulous earrings and what do you think???  Well, read on about my Awkward and Awesome Week to find out.
  • not being able to find but one of my fabulous statement earrings (plan B is totally lacking!!)
  • standing in line at Staples listening to a son and mother argue the fact of whether or not the mother was a racist (it was starting to get really ugly)
  • the lady behind me at the movie crying and then loudly blowing her nose with wet disgusting noises through all the climactic parts (i am sorry, but get up & go to the bathroom if your nose is that runny!)
  • almost completely bursting into tears while watching "Soul Surfer" while waiting on my car to have a software update. (seriously only watched 20 min of the movie and it wasn't even the shark attack.  hormone swing much???)(if you knew me, you would know i am not a crier, especially over a movie)
  • getting a surprise text from my good friend in Atlanta that I haven't heard from in a while(hi L.S. if you are reading this!)
  • finding a misplaced watch and ring while searching for my long lost earring, plus having a reorganized jewelry area(this gives me hope for the earring)
  • movie night last night with friends (we went to see The Help)
  • finally finding a pair of nude fish net hose after looking everywhere for them (need them for a fun event at the beginning of Sept.)
  • finding a 5 dollar bill under the car seat(i did have to fight husband for it)
I am still holding on to my one lone earring in the hopes that the other one will make an appearance at some time in the future!
  What would you do? 
 Please take my poll, mostly because I think the poll gadget is kinda cool.
What would your first instinct be?
i would hold on to the earring, you never know when the other one will appear
i am not a hoarder, i would toss it immediately
i am going to make something really cool outta this lone earring

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shirt-Banana Republic
pants-Calvin Klein via Marshall's
mocs-Land's End
earrings/ring-local boutique


asktheduplex said...

I love this belt!
Ask the Duplex

silvrgurl said...

Amazing it is from Walmart!
Not a
Frequent fashion shopper there
Happened to see it on an end cap last spring

Debby said...

Love the statement ring and your hair pulled back!! xo

silvrgurl said...

Thanks Debby
I had just watched The Proposal the night before and was trying to mimic Sandra Bullocks hair in the movie :)

Tinfoil Tiaras said...

I am definitely a jewellery hoarder and keep many lone earrings in hopes that they will one day find their soul mate :) I am loving the statement earring but even more so than that I'm loving your nail polish and big ring!

Tiffany said...

I love that big ring!! I'm always losing jewelry. It usually turns up in the bottom of my purse or somewhere in my bathroom. lol

silvrgurl said...

the nail polish is OPI French Quarter For Your Thoughts
i absolutely love the color
the perfect gray!!

Julie Spitler said...

I loved Soul Surfer. I am not a crier either but I cried a lot;) 


silvrgurl said...

going to rent it this weekend
only saw 20 min of middle of movie
hopefully my hormones will be under control by the time i watch