Thursday, October 27, 2011

Awkward And Awesome Thursday

Happy Thursday! I hope you are having a jolly good day!
I have been watching Downton Abbey, I am loving the way they speak in 1900's England.
They definitely had some Awkward and Awesome moments in this mini-series!
  • Lady walking into grocery store in front of me and  flicking her cigarette butt right on me and not even knowing it.
  • Son2 and I watching the final episode of a TV series on the plane and the computer battery died with 15 min. left of program!
  • Rude man on escalator in Vegas that wouldn't let these young girls pass as they were rushing to be on time for show.
  • All of the burners except for the smallest one suddenly going out. (how's a poor girl to prepare dinner)  
  • Deer leaping in front of my car out of no where. (right on 51 in front of PHS for those of you in Charlotte)
  • My bother getting married this weekend.
  • Getting to shop for my dress for the wedding! (it was a caveat for the retail detox)
  • The leaves starting to change along with cooler weather making a perfect fall.
  • Son2 getting his official Senior Portraits done.
  • Getting to pick out Halloween candy for Monday night.  I love to look at all of the options... no raisins or smarties given out at my house.
I wore this on Tuesday. 
 I am not a huge thrifter,
but it just so happens that the cords
the asymmetrical cardi were both thrifted items.
I so love this blouse and love the fact that I can wear it in the fall with a cardi even if it is sleeveless.
These dark cherry colored cords got so many compliments on Tues.  They are the perfect color!
And are you jealous of these booties???

Here's to an ever so lovely Thursday for you and yours!
Go out and use some queen's English just for fun!

Have any of you seen Downton Abbey?
  What did you think?
On another note~do you own the perfect color pants? 
 What color are they?


asymmectrical cardi/corduroy pants-Thrifted
belt-Nordstrom Rack


Style Journey said...

So jealous of the booties! Bummer about the lady flicking her cig on you. Pretty gross! My favorite colored pants are my electric blue. A drunk guy told me they were radioactive, lol!


Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

Love your polka dots...such fun! I am kind of boring when it comes to pants..I prefer neutrals.

Rebecca said...

A few of my friends have been watching Downton Abbey. I should watch it on Netflix soon.

Alex Elizabeth said...

I love your blouse. Love. I do not own the perfect color pants yet... I keep flip flopping between cobalt and red!

Bravoe Runway said...

I love your plaid boots, they're adorable! So sorry to hear about the deer running right in front of you!!! Vegas looked amazing and I cannot believe your son is 18! You look super young ;)