Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Retail Detox Update

A good Tuesday afternoon to ya'll!
So do you want me to just jump right in and tell you the horrible details of detoxification???
Well, really I don't have but one jonesing story for you this week.
I think it was Tuesday last week when my story happened.
 (see I have already tried to block it out of my mind)
  There was a grand opening of a new accessory store right near my house. 
 I had seen the signs and driven by a few times.
  The posters in the window lead me to believe it was probably a pretty cheesy place.
I thought I'll just pop in and see how awful this place is and then I am sure I will never set foot inside again. 
 The place was AWESOME! 
 Not only accessories, but boots, shoes, scarves, wraps, tops and on and on.....
I did actually walk the entire store (very fast) and I kid you not I think I might have started hyperventilating if I hadn't high tailed it out of there! 
 That's bad isn't it!?
So let's talk about what I am wearing,because my hands are getting clammy and there is a bit of perspiration on my forehead just writing about that store.
Love the red and camel combo. 
 I usually don't wear the camel color because it washes me out so much, but it is just so yummy.
Hence, the 3 necklaces I wore. 
 Thought it would bring some interest to my face and help with the wash-out effect.
Since I had such attention grabbing jewelry at the neck I kept everything else subdued. 
 I wore my fabulous heeled oxfords to pull it all together.

Okay I won't make you wonder any longer.
  The accessory store I went to is called Versona
I think it is a national chain.
 Have you heard of them? 
 Have you ever been in the store? 
 What did you think?

red pants-Express
camel stripe sweater-Loft
heeled oxfords-Marshall's
necklace #1-Canal Street NYC
necklace #2-gifted
necklace #3-F21


The Closet Shopper said...

I've never heard of this store. We must not have them here. Girl? You went crazy for a second, huh? haha. Oh my lord you had me rolling on the floor laughing. I'm surprised I didn't wet my pants. So, thanks for the giggles. And also, I'm sorry you're having a terrible detox.

Those red pants are fab and I love that camel striped sweater. It's great. I think it looks fine with your skin tone, actually. How about a dark gem toned scarf around the neck? That would be cute too.

Did you see my vlog? I finally did one. UGH. It's so embarrassing. Yours are always so great. Anyway.......


Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

I have never heard of this store, but will keep my eyes opened for one. You look amazing in this outfit...no need to shop!!

Peggy said...

of course I love red pants, but I am loving this awesome Loft sweater! Classy!

WendyB said...

Love the cut of the pants. And of course red is tres hot!

Rebecca said...

Camel and red always look great together!

Bravoe Runway said...

OOoo I thought you had been into Charming Charlie's....but Versona I have never heard of. I just got red flare jeans last week...I am kind of on the fence about them since I have the hot pink so we'll see, and I like the 3 necklace look! Alright...I'm expecting to see tiger soon!

xoxo Pleated Tigress ~.~

Tinfoils Tiaras said...

Heehee I would have reacted the exact same way- I swear it's like detoxing from a substance addiction (well actually I wouldn't know but it sure seems like it!) Yo're looking fly in this outfit however and I absolutely love the necklaces!

Kristin said...

Fabulous color combo indeed! That sweater is gorg!

Unpretentious Teacher said...

Those pants are so flattering and I love the color. Good for you, making it out of the store without a purchase. I can only imagine the strength that took!

Sarah said...

The red pants look fab on you!


Tiffany said...

Hahaha, I'm starting to have withdrawal symptoms too! I'm seriously itching to go thrifting like you wouldn't believe!

Those red pants you're wearing are absolutely fabulous, girl!! And I love the tan and black striped shirt, too!