Thursday, November 10, 2011

Awkward And Awesome Thursday

Awkward and Awesome Thursday's brought to you by Sydney over on
 The Daybook.
  • Second Hand Perfume.  You know when you are around someone with so much perfume on that when you leave their presence you smell like their perfume.
  • Trying to deal with a helicopter mom over the phone.
  • My stove and oven being disconnected until it can be repaired for fear of a fire breaking out. (how will I ever be able to prepare meals? ;-)
  • Coming up with an idea and the whole room goes quiet and looks at you like you have lost your mind.
  • Studying eschatology in Bible Study.  (my brain hurts!)
  • Girls Night Out tonight!!!
  • Son1 turning 20 on Tuesday. 
  • Son2 getting his first college acceptance letter.
  • Discovering Catherine Cookson on Netflix. (if you like period drama go check her out)
  • The LSU~Alabama game last Saturday.  Geaux Tigers!
I decided to try this little cape again after only wearing it once last year.
I got a great deal on it because buttons were missing.
I replaced the buttons, but always had trouble styling it.
Skinny pants are definitely the key here, but would love to hear some suggestions on how you would style this little cape.
I am wearing a pink turtle neck here.
Please don't be shy with your comments!
 Ready, Set, Comment....

pink turtleneck-GAP
skinny cargos-Loft
boots-Nine West


Ashley said...

Kinda equestrian inspired! I like it! Capes are always challenging to style, but I think you did a great job here.

Second hand perfume IS bad. And do you ever notice how the perform involved in those encounters is usually the horrible, awful smelling stuff and never the lovely pleasant stuff? What is with that?

Congratulations to both sons!

Style Journey said...

Capes are so challenging to style, but you did a great job here! Your red pants would be fun with this cape too.

We have a guy in our building and you can smell him long after he is gone due to his cologne. We always say, "So and so was here" even though we may never have even seen the guy! Heather

Sarah Mendelsohn said...

love the cape, you look great!! :) xx


Rebecca said...

I had no idea what eschatology was. I had to google it!

The Closet Shopper said...

Definitely hard to style capes. But having said that, you'd never know it was hard for you. This is perfect.

Being in an elevator with a perfume offender is the WORST. GAG!


Mary S. in NC said...

How about a scarf for a pop of color worn under the collar and secured on the side with a fun brooch!!! Love the cape-looks great on you!

Tinfoil Tiaras said...

I love sexing up capes with heels and skinny black jeans but I also like how you've kept your look casual-love the boots! Ugh I also hate second hand perfume-it's almost as bad as second hand smoke! My awkward moment was having to google what a helicopter Mom was ;)

Monica and Whitney said...

you're so pretty!

Ask the Duplex

Tina said...

You look so gorgeous in that cape :)

Bravoe Runway said...

2nd hand parfum? I like it, I've always wondered what that's called! Love how you styled the cape, it's not an easy piece to style and the skinny pants look fantastic!

Clara Turbay said...

i like your sense of style chic and simple at the same time.


Kristin said...

Congrats to your kiddo! I feel like the dude will be heading off to college in a second. Ha!

Kasia M said...

cute cape! :)

Alex Elizabeth said...

Ugh, sorry about your stove and oven! That's like losing power during the storms this year... nothing else you can do but grill or go out for dinner.

Love the cape! Tights, boots, pencil skirt? I love capes with elbow length gloves if you have any. Or maybe over a dress (the one you wore to the wedding?) for a night out?

WendyB said...

Re helicopter mom, I just saw the movie Carnage (based on the play God of Carnage) about crazy parents. It was funny but painful!

Lesa said...

The cape and the boots are great. Also love your comment about perfume. I have a sensitive nose, and whenever someone hugs me with strong perfume-instant migraine and I smell it all night!

If you get a chance come visit:

Always Summer

Bonnie said...

Ahhhhh, secondhand perfume is the worst. It makes me gag.
I am loving this cape! It looks great on you.

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Anonymous said...

I love the cape! It looks so cute on you. I sent you an email about your Pinterest button (just to clarify what you needed) I got a response but it was blank. Just send me another email letting me know what you need! xo

Pop Champagne said...

the cape looks great and it goes with the pants very well! lovely outfit!

Tiffany said...

Hmmm... I don't know. I haven't ventured into cape territory yet. =)

Oh, I know exactly how that awkward silence feels!! I hate when that happens. And congratulations to both of your sons!

Deborah said...

This would look fabulous over an entire black outfit I think. Skinny black pants and a slim top. Maybe even a turtleneck? And a huge cuff that fits over the sleeve of the top.

I love black and brown together!