Tuesday, November 8, 2011

EBEW: Colored Tights

It's that time again...

Colored Tights | Everybody, Everywear
This month our challenge was to put together an outfit using colored tights. I have had these mustard tights since last year and hadn't worn them yet.
I decided it was high time to pull them out.
Did you notice my Dooney & Bourke bag?
I have been seeing bloggers everywhere showing off their vintage Dooney & Bourke finds.
I decided to pull mine out from storage, it is from the '90's.
I had forgotten how much I liked the bag.
I added a 4 strand necklace, big watch and bracelets to finish off the outfit.
My boots and bag do not match, but that is a okay!
Are you a colored tights wearer?
Are you thinking about it for the first time?

sweater dress-Alice Temperley for Target
necklace-Charlotte Russe


Style Journey said...

These tights are awesome! They look great paired with the blue dress and the boots :) I am thinking about getting a pair of bright blue or purple tights. It's bold, but it would be fun! Heather

Bonnie said...

Yellow tights?? Girrrrrl, you are rocking them! I could never pull off this look, but you are absolutely gorgeous in it.

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

WendyB said...

I love mustard yellow.

Rebecca said...

Those mustard tights look great with the blue dress.

The Closet Shopper said...

This outfit reminds me of the Mod Squad. Very cool. I can't believe you had that bag in your closet. It's amazing.


Tiffany said...

Oh, I just LOVE the mustard tights with the navy dress!! This is really really cute!!

Bravoe Runway said...

Hi Brett...ok so I have not worn coloured tights in a very long time. Actually come to think of it, even as a teen I didn't. I am not sure why but I should revisit it beyond the standard black.

Alex Elizabeth said...

Your bag is so chic! I like vintage Dooney & Bourke things better than the current ones. There's just something about the lines that I really like.

Aren't those Target boots great? I love mine to death. I have mustard tights, too, never thought of wearing them with the boots. Hmm....

Anonymous said...

How fun! I can just tell you would be fun to hang out with. Anyone that can pull off yellow tights is a fun girl for sure! I tend to stick to brown, black or gray... maybe I need to add a bit of color! xo

Tinfoil Tiaras said...

I am a huge fan of the coloured tights- in fact I think I'm going to wear them all next week! :) Your mustard coloured are the best and how beautiful is that vintage D&B bag!

Deborah said...

Vintage Dooney is HUGE! Classic/vintage Coach as well. The young uns in our area are carrying them like crazy. And I love getting all of these bags out.

I'm rockin' my Willis Coach bag right now!

Anonymous said...

I'm really not a colored tights wearer, but I wouldn't mind picking up a pair or two to try out. I think I just have to get past my matchy-matchy mentality. Of course, it helps if you have great legs like yours!

Fabrizia said...

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Pop Champagne said...

the colored tights look adorable on you!!

Franca said...

They really pop, don't they! Looks great!

Cathy said...

"Are you a colored tights wearer?"
Nope. I usually love white or black tights.

"Are you thinking about it for the first time?"
Hmmm looking upon that yellow tights makes me think on trying.haha. Maybe one of these days, eh.

Cathy@cheap digitizing