Thursday, December 15, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

Thursday has rolled around once again and it's time to see just how awkward and awesome my week was...
  • Accidentally hitting the panic button on my car key and taking about 2 minutes to figure out it was my car horn that was honking.  Nothing like looking around the entire parking lot for the idiot whose car horn is blaring and it turns out to be you!
  • Last year while decorating for Christmas I put a stain glass window up in storage.  I could never find it when I un-decorated.  Found it sitting on a shelf in the bonus room.  Had been there the whole entire year that I was looking for it!
  • Putting a sample of what I thought was highlighter on my face and then realizing after I put my glasses on it was actually a fragrance sample. (to be fair the fragrance was called Devine Illuminator)
  • Getting cornered at a Christmas party by a dude giving me parenting skill tips (dude has a middle schooler and he is giving me parent tips?  My kids are 18 & 20)
  • Heading over to talk to someone you know, only to realize it isn't that person at all.

  • Son1 home for Christmas Break
  • The Flipboard App... you gotta try this app out
  • New cook top after not having one for a month.(Some serious cooking is about to take place ya'll!)
  • Early Christmas presents!
  • 3 Excellent Christmas parties in a row
I pulled out the sequin sweatshirt to continue on with my theme of sequins. 
 I decided to pair it with my J.Brand jeans to feed my ongoing obsession with the color blue right now. 
 I added the scarf not only for color, but for warmth as well.
So, how about that bun? 
 I am not even sure how I got it to be that full.
It's a bit over the top for me, but I went with it. 

Now it is your turn to share an awkward or awesome moment from this week!

sequin sweatshirt-Banana Republic
blue jeans-J.Brand
boots-Boutique9 via Shopbop
scarf-Old Navy
watch-Shock Boutique


Style Journey said...

Love the bun, it's perfect! These blue jeans are the best. I never realized how versatile a pair of electric blue pants could be. I love mine too! Heather

Rebecca said...

I think that the bun looks nice, and I like all the bright blue!

Natalie said...

Seriously?? BEST. SWEATER. EVER!

And I want your jeans!! xx Natalie

TaraMixandMatch said...

I want your pants!

Deborah said...

I love that bun! Tutorial please?

Joy said...

I love LOVE this outfit. That blue is so great on you and that scarf if PERFECT!!

Awkward moments? How about every day at my new job? LOL It's a definite learning curve!!

Bravoe Runway said...

Your hair looks beautiful in the bun. I like it! And also I am glad to hear your son is home from University and what a weird guy who tried to give you parenting advice.

LyddieGal said...

Seems like you've had a fun week -- using fragrance as highligher must have been a pretty funny realization!

Love the sequined sweatshirt -- now that is lounge wear with style!

Chic on the Cheap


I love your bun! You need to show us how you do it!

Audrey Allure said...

Lovely outfit! Loving that sequined sweater.

Sylvia @ 40PlusStyle said...

Great bun! Very eye catching!
Awkward moment, saying to someone that he looks different and then realising I have never met this person before.
Awesome: seeing my son playing an instrument in brass band at school!

Cara said...

Ha, that first awkward bit made me laugh! I spent much of our work holiday party avoiding one person to then walk directly into them and have to make conversation..awkward! I LOVE your sequined sweatshirt and your scarf. I have the same color jeans and wear them all the time, so much fun!

Alex Elizabeth said...

Ohh I see people I think I know all the time! I've traveled a lot and know people from so many different places, but you never know when you'll run into someone, especially in New York! But of course I'm always that creeper peering at people, like is that... no?... maybe?... yeah. Anyway, I love this top! And those boots! Totally fab.

The Closet Shopper said...

You look cute as hell in this outfit. Loving the hair. Those J Brands fit you perfectly.


Dawn said...

I busted out laughing when I read the part about the stained glass...we all get so busy that we actually imagine doing things that we did not do. So funny thanks for the laugh. I needed that. Nice to meet you, Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo