Thursday, December 8, 2011

Retail Detox Update

FiRsT:  to all that commented on the Cinnamon M & M's ~
as far as I know you can only get them at Target. 
Look in the Christmas Candy section and EnJoY!

As we get deeper into the Christmas and shopping season the harder this detox has gotten.
It seems like the discounts and deals are getting better and better.
After my sequin skirt debacle I really started feeling sorry for myself.

You know more First World Problems...
So, I told myself to get a grip and go shop my closet for some holiday outfits to get me through the myriad of parties.
 Guess what?? 
It was so much fun and I came up with 5 new never before worn party looks to get me through the Christmas season. 
I wore this yesterday. 
 I was feeling a little mad for plaid, but it had gotten a bit colder so,
 I just threw on layers. 
 Hey -
 Did you notice the red lipstick I talked about on Wednesday? 
Bottom line is that I am pretty sure I can make it to the finish line of this detox without any problems.
Shopping my closet was fun and I got to be extremely creative to come up with items that I had not worn together before. 
 I look forward to showing them off and seeing what you think.

Are you shopping your closet for Festive Party wear this year or did you go buy something new and fabulous?

red turtle neck-Tommy Hilfinger
plaid button down-Old Navy
green jacket-Thrifted
brown cords-Old Navy
shoes-Rack Room


Julie said...

Plaid is such a fun and festive pattern. I look forward to cooler weather every year to wear plaid.

I purchased a sequin skirt from Forever21 that is super high quality and pencil skirt length. It was a terrific deal and I adore it. Maybe you could look there for a replacement to the ASOS one.



Style Journey said...

No purchases for holiday wear. We are shopping our closets and waiting until the after Christmas sales. Love your mad for plaid outfit. We've been feeling the same way about plaid. Maybe a remix is in the future for us!

Heather & Kayla

monster cakes said...

I lack the funds so I always remix. I own about 5 LBD's which are really fun to remix, so I always use those (add a sparkly belt, a statement necklace, a cardigan, colored tights, a fun shirt/button up underneath, etc...). Good luck remixing!

Rebecca said...

Hi puppy! Keep up the good work. It is hard to get through the holiday sales, but you can do it.

Deborah said...

Good job! Shopping the closet is awesome yes?

I seriously love this look.

Bonnie said...

I love this blazer. Blazers are SO my go-to item for just about every look imaginable. They go with everything all the time.
I am also mad for plaid. It's a great print for fall weather.

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

love jenny xoxo said...

you look so cute in that outfit!!! Love it!


The Closet Shopper said...

Great outfit. Great lipstick. You look happy and festive. How's the recovery? You look like you're healing quickly.


Alex Elizabeth said...

I adore the layering, especially at the cuffs! And your dog is just so cute! I rarely ever buy anything new for occasions unless the dress code calls for it. I prefer to choose favorite pieces I love.