Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

The first Awkward and Awesome Thursday of 2012.
Let's get started....
  • While at the vet, hearing the lady in the next room talk about how she needed to calm her dog by feeding it mashed potatoes and laughing so loud that I am sure she heard me.
  • Having an entire stack of those long boot boxes fall on top of me at Off Broadway shoes.
  • Trying to get out of bed after doing Yoga 3 days in a row. 
  • While in Ikea, this lady was telling her daughter how ugly a candle set was.   When she saw me picking it up to look at, she said, "Well, unless you like that kind of thing."  Her daughter covered nicely for her by saying she in fact did like the candle set....the candle set is on my table as we speak!
  • Trying to put the movie back in RedBox about 5 times and it keeps popping out saying I'm putting it in backwards.  I am clearly not!!  Getting mad and giving movie to husband while I go buy dog food.  He comes back smiling and letting me know the dvd was in the case backwards!
  • Husband going on a full blown cleaning kick on New Year's Day.  He washed, waxed and vacuumed my car and his, cleaned out the garage, the basement and the kitchen.
  • Finally buying a pair of leopard flats.  Not the original ones I wanted, but I really like these.  Look for them soon...
  • Getting around to reading the Hunger Games books.  Finished the first and just starting the second.
  • Doing Yoga 4 days in a row so far this week.
  • Grey's Anatomy returns tonight and Downton Abbey returns on Sunday.  If you haven't watched season 1 of Downton Abbey yet, you need to!
I actually wore this the day after Christmas. 
I needed to dress stealth to get all those great deals!
The hounds tooth cashmere scarf was a Christmas gift from husband.  He did good, huh!?
Is that weird roll in the back of my shirt where it came untucked? 
Oh wait, could that weird roll be all the huge amounts of food I downed during the holidays??

How are you doing after the holidays food wise?
Are you still eating like there is no tomorrow?, Still craving sweets?
Or have you officially jumped on board the healthy eating train?

black turtle neck-Target
black jeans-White House/Black Market
boots-Anne Klein via Belks


Collette Osuna said...

Hahahaha.....I think its the shirt, not a real roll:)
Sounds like a pretty great list to me....a husband going crazy cleaning? Not an easy thing to find doll face:) Lucky you!

Rebecca said...

I'm always sore after doing yoga for a while. It is tough on the shoulders.

Peggy said...

4 days of yoga, yay! Do u go yo a studio or do it at home? I just do videos but I MUST get back to it. It helps my body not ache!

Anonymous said...

Well, I ate a salad today... with French dressing, real bacon and ham. So... I guess I'm trying to catch the healthy eating train, then? Yeah!

Your boots are awesome, by the way. :D

Anonymous said...

I was just scoping out yoga classes in my area because I loved doing it years ago. I'm on the healthy eating train, or at least on the 'keeping track of what I'm eating train so I don't go totally overboard train'. I finally realized it would be nice to fit into more of the clothes I already own instead of buying new ones. Go figure!

Deborah said...

This outfit seriously flatters your figure.

And don't even start about your rolls. Really girl? lol

Ashley said...

Yeeeeeah I love the scarf! And I do think that's a faux roll. As in, it's totally your shirt. So no worries. I've been all aboard the healthy eating train since Tuesday (WOW, right?). And doing Pilates everyday. I think I overdid it on that, though, because getting out of bed was also pretty awkward for me this morning.

The Closet Shopper said...

You look gorgeous. I love the bangs and the entirely black outfit. It makes that incredible scarf really stand out.

I've been back to healthy eating and regular circus activity and am feeling pretty great. But now I'll be in Texas taking care of babies and my sister for a week. So, who knows what will happen....