Thursday, January 19, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

Happy Thursday to everyone!
I am feeling so much better!!
Thank you for all the lovely birthday wishes yesterday.
It made laying around trying to breath so much better.
  • Son2 calling to tell me they won't let him leave school after his final unless I come pick him up and sign him out.  Cut to me: unshowered for 2 days, sweats, no make-up, slippers and a hacking cough.  Of course I saw everyone I knew up there!
  • Hairdryer going out about a 1/4 of the way into drying my hair.  Next day getting out of shower to dry hair and realizing I never bought another hair dryer.
  • Making son2's favorite meal...pot roast using one of those bags.  Realizing 30 minutes into cooking it that I hadn't put the seasoning packet into the bag.
  • Dude in giant F150 truck with trailer attached to back blocking entire intersection out of my neighborhood.  People were stopping to let him in and he wouldn't go.  Sat there for about 10 minutes waiting for him to move.
  • Husband deciding that we need to clean out the attic and not telling me until he had pulled EVERYTHING out and put it in son1's room to go through.  PS...I had just finished cleaning son1's room from when he left to go back to school.

  • Getting a Kindle Fire for my birthday!  I was totally surprised and I am hardly ever surprised.  Kudos to the husband!!
  • Husband bringing me a slice of my very favorite cake from Edible Art.  (Husband was on fire yesterday!)
  • Midweek lunch with husband last week.  That hardly ever happens.
  • Going out tomorrow night with girl friends to celebrate my birthday!!
  • Going out Saturday night with family to celebrate my birthday!! 
Yes, I am wearing "the blogger" sweater. 
Hey, I had a gift card and 15% off,
why not join the masses!?
I decided to style my polka dot sweater with a casual feel and 
add the fur blazer for a little drama.

Do you get the latest clothing item going around the blogesphere 
do you stay away from mass trends like that?

denim shirt-Banana Republic
polka dot sweater-Old Navy
blue trousers-Loft
boots-Off Broadway Shoes


Rebecca said...

A Kindle Fire sounds like a good gift. My husband has one, and they're really nice!

TaraMixandMatch said...

Hey, I must say I was one of the first to get that sweater lol...it is so fun though, and looks adorable on you! Love it paired with the fur, never would have thought of that!

Cara said...

Happy belated birthday Brett, I hope you are feeling better today! I love your blogger sweater, I was going to say you look like Kendi! I love it paired with the army green jacket and fur.

The attic awkard moment would make me cringe, I have to plan for such big undertakings as cleaning out a space of that size. Good thing he made it up to you with cake and a Kindle!

Tinfoil Tiaras said...

I missed your b-day well a happy belated b-day to you!!! I hope you're feeling better- you look great! I haven't seen this polka dotted blogger sweater yet so it's still new to me and I love that blazer with the fur-very chic. Wow your husband did well (although I did have to google what a Kindle Fire was... I'm behind my times)

Bravoe Runway said...

OH...this is now the "blogger" sweater haha! I love how you styled it here and it looks great under that blazer :) Hope you got a new hair dryer, too bad I don't live by you because I'd give you mine...never use the darn thing.

Natalie said...

Awww man, I missed the birthday!! Happy belated Brett my sweet!! Glad you're on the mend! Have a blast livin it up this weekend!! Pic please? Big hugs, Nat

PS - I'm going to come and steal that bad ass jacket! Love it!

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday, Beautiful!!! You have on my jacket... you know I coveted that jacket! Just waited too long and couldn't get it in my size. So glad you had a nice bday and have some more celebrations planned. I am loving your new length, such a cute look on you. xo

Alex Elizabeth said...

I love this jacket! I so regret not getting it :( Have a fun birthday weekend! How do you like the Kindle Fire so far?

WendyB said...

Cake makes everything better.

Justine said...

Love the polka dots!

- Justine