Thursday, February 9, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

It's Thursday and you know what that means...
Awkward and Awesome time.
This week I am doing things a little differently.
  • Not many awkward moments this week.  In fact the most awkward thing was an overflowing toilet!!  Yea, I know...GROSS!
 I am sporting a totally casual, knock around on a Saturday afternoon look here.
I added the pops of hot pink to brighten up the navy.

  • This week I am going to show you my awesome in pictures.... 
Did you watch it?
  What did you think?
This was a surprise gift from my mother.
  Yes, that is me in the picture on the pillow and my baby bracelet on the other side.
  Isn't this the cutest idea?!
I am a huge Gilmore Girls fan.
  I found this Tumblr site that you might enjoy if you too are a Gilmore Girl fan. 
Do you love my new ring as much as do??
Going to see this, this weekend with a bunch of girlfriends.

Okay, what awesome and awkward moments will you share this week?

navy shirt/stripe shirt-GAP
jeans-Old Navy
initial necklaces from yesterday/earrings-Handpicked


Ashley said...

Overflowing toilet is no good. Was it in your house? Did you have to clean it up? Ew.

I have no idea idea what The Vow is about (I mean, besides the obvious...), but it looks interesting. Kind of sappy and pathetic, you know? Like a Lurlene McDaniel book. I've read some of those. Depressing guilty pleasures. How does that work?

Anyway. Have fun!

Style Journey said...

Bummer about the overflowing toilet. Not fun!

We haven't really had any awkward or awesome moments this week. Been kind of a boring week. The Vow looks good, but kind of sad. Let us know what you thought :)

Alex Elizabeth said...

I did not watch Smash! I wanted to though... hopefully it ends up on Hulu?

Shybiker said...

Nice ring. And nothing's better than Lorelei, Rory and Emily.

Tinfoil Tiaras said...

So cute- I love your boots and the hot pink is so fun (so is your new bow ring!) I can't wait to see The Vow- I'm seeing it with my sister next weekend (I'm all about the cheesy movies!)

Katherine said...

Loving the casual look with the hot pink :) AND count me in for another huge Gilmore Girls fan here - loved, loved that show!

WendyB said...

I have a big bow ring in sterling silver! Definitely like that look.

Cara said...

Sounds like a pretty good week! I wanted to watch Smash but couldn't stay awake to watch it, heard good things about it though! Your new ring is super cute too!

Love your boots in this picture, and your hair looks fantastic :)

LyddieGal said...

Looks like it was a pretty good week.

In my house, it's like gilmore girls never ended... it's on everyday...

Chic on the Cheap

Kristin said...

Love that bracelet with the stripes!

Julie Khuu said...

Oooh can't wait for your "Vow" review...it's mixed across the board (but then again so was the Notebook and I LOVED it!)...*Fingers crossed*

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such thoughtful comments, hope you’ll be back soon!

Peace. Love. LOL!

Haute Khuuture.com

The Closet Shopper said...

That sweater is great. It's right up my ally. Comfy. Boots are great too.


melanie said...

love that pillow. such a neat idea! :)

how was the movie? i have been wanting to go see it.