Friday, February 24, 2012

Double Plaid

I must have been bitten by the plaid bug this week, cuz I have been all over it!
I was inspired by a J.Crew ad with this outfit.
Not only have I been rockn' plaid lately,
 I have been rockn' some red too.
  I used to never even wear the color.
  Thanks to blogging I have embraced red.
I am wearing plaid over plaid and then added lots of fun jewelry to dress it up a bit.
  The distressed cargos and Chuck Taylors keep the casual vibe intact.
What do you think?
  Would you wear double plaid?

I am also linking up with The Nail Files this week.

My colors this week are
French Quartered For Your Thoughts by OPI
Black Platinum by Sally Henson Complete

both plaid shirts-Old Navy
Chuck Taylors
necklace-Charlotte Russe


Ashley said...

You remind me of Easter, and I like it.

You pulled this off perfectly. I'm not sure if I'd wear it myself, but I'd be willing to try.

Kimberlee said...

Nice ombre nails!

Anonymous said...

Really beautiful nails! Love the color choice!

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

Cute and youthful...I am going to look for this OPI color!

The Closet Shopper said...

I love how happy and satisfied you look. It's like you were all, "Hmmm, this might work. OH YEAH. It does." I think you look great.


tara said...

LOVE your nails!!

Jeannie @ gracefully50 said...

I'm embracing the plaids myself...your double plaid in red looks great with your hair and complexion! Loving the sneakers!! Have a great weekend Brett!

Bravoe Runway said...

I certainly would wear double plaid and bought a shirt recently from Forever 21 similar to this set-up! It has plaid on the exterior with a gingham lining. You look great in red and I am glad you are wearing it more!

Shybiker said...

Wow, that's bold. I've never worn plaid next to plaid: I don't have the courage for that. Looks good on you.

Peggy said...

double plaid- loving it! and the red too!

Angela said...

I love your nails! Both colors are gorgeous!!

TaraMixandMatch said...

Cute mix!!

Elle Sees said...

im wearing pink nails this week!

Bonnie said...

Plaid is awesome, and I am glad that you have been rocking it all week.

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

J9 STYLE said...

I must admit, when I read double plaid, I was wary. But you really pulled it off!

Emmett Katherine said...

Ooooh those are really nice nailpolish colours, I haven't seen the French quartered for your thoughts before. The plAid on plaid works really well in the outfit, great j crew inspired look!