Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Blogger Darling of the Day

Hello Lovelies
It is time to meet March's Blogger Darling of the Day.

Her name is Jordan from Southern Hospitality

Jordan is soon-to-be Mrs. to the hunkiest Marine she has ever laid eyes on.  Jordan is a fellow Charlottean, but new to the area.  She is certain that as soon as she feels adjusted to this area, she will be moving onto a new adventure in a new city.  She says she shops entirely too much, but has a harder time committing and usually puts everything back!  Jordan loves to treat herself to flowers, offering guests a drink the moment they walk through her doors and dreams of one day moving back to the coast.
 Here are Jordan's answers to the Blogger Darling Questions:

1. Favorite color of socks to wear? White. Plain and simple!

2. What reality TV show would you want to be on? Real Housewives-Beverly Hills. Kyle doesn’t know it, but we’re best friends.

3. What is your favorite daily thing to wear? Earrings. I hate forgetting earrings!

4. Who do you think is the best dressed man in Hollywood? Ryan Gosling…ow, ow! That man (or his stylist) knows how to put pieces together, whether it’s an afternoon breaking up fights in NYC or on the red carpet.

5. Who do you think is the worst dressed woman in Hollywood? Lady Gaga. I’m all for expressing yourself through style…and then there are people who just want attention.

6. How do you organize your closet? color, type of clothing etc. For a long time I would color code all my pieces. It looked pretty, but wasn’t practical. Now I organize my closet by pieces that are similar to one another in terms of style and material. It’s so much easier when trying to piece together a look.

7. If you could dress like any TV character, who would it be? Blair from Gossip Girl. Hands down, the best wardrobe on television. End of story.

8. What is your favorite accessories excluding shoes? Scarves! I wear them all year long. They completely take an outfit to a whole new level. Think about it; jean cutoffs and white tank in the summer…boring. Add a colorful scarf…BAM fabulous! I even do it in my favorite southern town, Charleston, and we all know how humid Charleston in the summer can be.

9. Is there any outfit that you have EVER worn that still haunts you to this day? Not an outfit, but those black jelly bracelets that everyone was into for 15 minutes. I wore them all up and down my arm. TACKY!

10. What celebrity/fashion icon would you want to take with you on a shopping spree? Olivia Polermo. She seemed a bit snobby on The City, but we have all dealt with her kind before. She’s got style down to a science and would give my wardrobe the best uplift!

A big thanks to Jordan for participating in Blogger Darling of the Day!
Make sure and stop by her blog...Southern Hospitality and say hello.

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Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

She is so cute! Thanks for introducing her to us!

Tiffany said...

She's adorable! I can't wait to check out her blog!

Kristin said...

A fellow scarf luvah...Love her!

Bring Pretty Back said...

Thanbk you for introducing us to her!!! On myway to her blog right now!
Have a PRETTY day!

Style Journey said...

How cute! Thanks for introducing us. Love this feature :)

Leslie said...

Very nice! Thanks for the introduction - I'll check out her blog!

Anonymous said...

Nice to meet Jordan! I like her already...my daughter's name is Jordan. She's very beautiful!


Maria Flicka said...

So sweet! She's adorable! I'll check out her blog ;)

I really like your style and your blog! Maybe you want to follow each other? I'll follow you back for sure :)

Have a fab day!


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