Thursday, June 7, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

Awkward and Awesome Time Again!
Isn't it funny how some weeks are way more awkward than others???
  • Being able to sleep as long as I wanted this morning and waking up right on the dot of 6:30.  I could not go back to sleep for anything. :(
  • Picking a package up off the ground at mailbox and leaving it in my car.  The next day I had those little tiny ants all in my car...everywhere!
  • We had a weird power outage here.  The lights would flicker on and off and it was like walking around with sunglasses on.  This lasted for about 2 1/2 days.  Turns out it was in our entire cul de sac and we had to have our transformer replaced.
  • I was diligently putting pictures back on the wall after all the painting and I totally fell off a chair onto the hardwood floor.  Did I mention that I was standing on a rolley, swivel chair???  I got no sympathy from anyone in my house.
  • I accidentally uninstalled the driver on my computer that connects it to the Internet.  There were some serious heart palpitations going on for a few seconds.  Thank the Lord for the recycle bin!
  • Son1 comes home on Saturday after being away for a month.
  • I got much needed highlights and a haircut.  It can make all the difference in your day can't it?!
  • Found a new Mediterranean restaurant in town that has the best salad ever!  If you live here in Charlotte, check it out.
  • I bought the cutest bracelet with some gift-cards I had lost saved from my birthday.  I can't wait to debut it.
  • Catching up with lots of girlfriends!
 I actually wore this last Friday. 
 I love the floral with the white pants. 
 White is so hot right now and you can never go wrong with it.
 (unless it is see through or too tight-yikes)

Have you hopped on the white trend yet?
Have you worn an all white look yet?

button up-Old Navy
belt-White House/Black Market
sandals-Madden Girl


Bravoe Runway said...

I love that shirt Brett, old navy has come out with so many great patterned shirts this season. SOrry to hear you feel off the chair..swivel or not, I feel bad for you.

Anonymous said...

I so agree with you about white pants. Great with just about anything you throw on top of it. Love your ensamble!
A swivel chair? No sympathy here...I've done it, too! hehe. Fortunately, I did not fall. I was just too lazy to get the ladder.
Thanks for another laugh, hope you have a great weekend!


Shybiker said...

Everyone looks good in white, you included. The floral top is pretty.

Leslie said...

White blazers, white blouses, white jeans.. it's perfect for this time of year.

Happy to hear your son is coming home! I can totally relate to the waking up ~ when you can sleep in.. why does that always happen!?


Laura said...

Love the outfit! Those sandals are so cute! Enjoy the homecoming! Hope you didnt get hurt when you fell! Have a great weekend Brett!

Deborah said...

Your outfit is darling as always, but I can't stop looking at the backdrop every day. I love that old bench and all your flowers. I am woefully behind. Not one flower has been bought.

[hanging head in shame]

My favorite day at your place!

jennie said...

Super cute! And I love that we both have *cough* knock-off *cough* bubble necklaces! Mine is in grey. Haha!! Happy weekend!

Anonymous said...

Adorable outfit and love the haircut. Ugh... hate not being able to sleep! Glad you are o.k. after falling. xo

J9 STYLE said...

This outfit makes me smile. I love all white looks, they are so refreshing. Sorry your week was more awkward than usual.

Tinfoil Tiaras said...

Ah now I get the context of the rolling, swivel chair- ouch! Yowza on the tiny ants in the car- my man would freak (sometimes it feels like he's dating our Audi!) LOVE this floral blouse and white pants- they are just something I'm starting to incorporate into my wardrobe (I agree they can be done horribly wrong!)

Joy of Pink said...

necklace <3 is so beauty:D really nice blog:D what you will say on following each other??:D

Cara said...

Ok, I'm obsessed with this floral top, it's SO PRETTY! It looks great with the white jeans cuffed and cute sandals, and of course the blogger bubble necklace! Going to try a white on white look this week hopefully!

Sarah said...

Great post. Your outfit is adorable too.