Thursday, August 30, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

It's the last Thursday of the summer!
Did your summer go by as fast as mine?
  • Trying to load a cabinet into the back of the car and all of the drawers falling out in the parking lot.
  • Getting a phone call and on the other end you hear the words...hello, this is the campus police.  Not to worry, one of the sons had lost something and it had been retrieved.
  • I clicked on the volume button on those awful captcha codes.  It just sounds like a bunch of people talking over each other.
  • The creepy clean up guy at the food court.  He waited until husband got up, came over to my table and leaned his broom on husband's chair, squirted about 30 squirts on his rag as he posed.  After he cleaned the table next to me he actually did a little dance and just kept staring at me.  I never looked up, he finally went on his way.  SOOO CREEPY!
  • Someone telling you that it is good that you have the dog to keep you company since the sons are gone.  They didn't know our dog died in Jan.
  • Going to the grand-opening of a new brewery in town. Triple C Brewing Company Go check it out if you are in town.
  • Totally whipping husband's butt in the game of corn hole. (I know that sounds dirty, but it isn't at all)
  • Getting a phone call from son2 saying he got a ride home for the long weekend.  (He also quietly added that he was bring home all of his laundry.)
  • Being able to suit up 12 clients in one morning at Dress For Success Charlotte.
  • Getting a $15 coupon from Loft for your Sept. birthday.  My birthday isn't until Jan.(shhh don't tell)
 I actually wore this outfit on Sat. and Sun.
  Nothing better than getting double duty out of an outfit. 
 I only had it on for a few hours each day. 
 This little sundress is about 5 years old,
 but is always a go to item when I can't think of anything to wear.

Now let's hear about your awkward or awesome week.

denim jacket-GAP
sandals-Arturo Chiang
all jewelry-Handpicked


Style Journey said...

The summer definitely flew by way too fast! Good for you kicking your hubby's butt in cornhole. My hubby always kicks my butt in that game no matter how hard I try, lol!

Love your white denim jacket. It looks great with your pretty sundress. Heather

Anonymous said...

Yes, this summer flew by! But it's nice to get the kid back in school next week.
Love this dress on you Brett. You seem to have a great variety in your wardrobe. ;)

pastcaring said...

Please tell me what cornhole is!
The dress is very pretty, lovely colour, and the little white denim jacket looks great with it.
Summer is definitely over here... Kids back to school next week! xxx

WendyB said...

This summer has flown.... damn.

J9 STYLE said...

Cornhole must be NC game, because I only play it when I'm in that state!

Shybiker said...

Pretty sundress. Perfect for Summer.

Anonymous said...

Yes! It has gone by SOOO fast!
Love your thursday posts! So funny!
And, I love your dress & jacket!!
Happy Labor Day weekend!

Tinfoil Tiaras said...

Cornhole?! Hahah I have to look this up now! Egads about creepy food court man, I get that but when I'm unfortunate enough to be taking the bus, that's when they get ya! 12 women in one morning-wowza!!! We only schedule 4 women a day at our affiliate (we're still newbies!) Love the colour of this dress on you, very flattering.

Leslie said...

Never heard of corn hole Lol! and those creepy clean up guys!! I would love to have been with you when the drawers fell out Brett.. That's something that would have happened to me!

Dawn said...

Brett, this is funny! The creepy guy was the best one. When you are as cute as you, that's the payoff, creepy peeps. You handled it well by not looking up. I did not know that you worked for or volunteered for dress for success!! Which is it? Great dress, beautiful fit. Have a great weekend. dawn suitcas vignettes xo

Katherine said...

I had to laugh hard with awkward Nr.1! happened to me. Twice. Don't ask. - By the way, I find Dress For Success such a BRILLIANT initiative!!!! Do you know if they do this also here in Germany?

Clara Turbay said...

Love it, great ideas!

Teddi said...

brett, your looking great in your both days weekend 5 yr. old sundress! :) what in the world is corn hole?

t said...

Nice denim jacket! It goes with everything!


Lynne DeVenny said...

Oh, Brett, so sorry I laughed about the awkward dog moment. But I am one of those moms quite happy with my non-hormonal dogs' company. Two teen girls in the house, dontcha know.

Love the sun dress - a classic!

Charlotte, NC? Are we in the same state? :o

Shea Sayers said...

I love reading Awkward and Awesome Thursday posts, they're always so entertaining! The creepy table-cleaner story made me laugh. I love that dress and your cute white denim jacket!

Alex Elizabeth said...

Ahhh! I would have had a heart attack after "hello, this is the campus police".

I hope you get another $15 coupon from LOFT in January, too!