Thursday, September 27, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

Are you a Jake Owen fan?
Have you checked out his new Endless Summer EP?
It's a lot of fun.
  • Watching a dude pull out of the parking lot onto the street with his sunglasses on top of his car.  Watching said sunglasses go flying off of the top of the car and then watching the dude feel around on the top of his car for his sunglasses.
  • Not realizing that a burning candle in a jar would be hot if picked up! Yep, just a few fingertip blisters going on. (I know such a loser move)
  • Expecting a delivery to made between 9-11.  Deliver guys showing up at 7am.
  • Allergic reaction to the carpet I pulled up in our rental property.  Not a pretty site.
  • Leaving some chocolate in the car too long.  It melted down to complete liquid.  
  • Shopping for things for the sons care packages.
  • Having lunch with two former co-workers.
  • Grey's Anatomy starts back on Thursday.  I am a die hard fan, so judge all you want to.
  • Finally finished with all of the tear out at rental property, nothing but putting in the new and pretty stuff now!
  • A little girly pampering...manicure, highlights and haircut this week. 
 I wore this on Sunday. 
 It was nice to be able to get out the denim jacket and transition my maxi into a fall outfit. 
 I love being able to make pieces wearable for more than one season.

What was the last item you transitioned from summer to fall?
How did you transition it?

neon T/skirt-Loft
denim jacket-Levi
earrings-Jewel Box


Teddi said...

looking like your stylish sassy self, & rocking the fab outfit brett! is it bad that your awkward moments make me smile, because they are so real life, & i can identify?

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

I love this outfit, Brett! Great job with your styling...you look amazing!

Style Journey said...

Jake Owen is a hottie! Love the maxi and jean jacket. This is how I would transition into fall with my maxis too. Heather

pastcaring said...

Gorgeous outfit, I love that maxi skirt with the denim jacket. I wear lots of my summer clothes through autumn/winter, I just layer them up with cardigans, tights and boots! xxx

Leslie said...

Always enjoy your awkward moments Brett :) that Dude sounds hilarious!

Such a pretty fall skirt!

J9 STYLE said...

Love the denim jacket. I like to pair my dresses with tights for winter.

Anonymous said...

Brett, you look so darn cute! Love how you autumn-ized your maxi!
Such funny awkward moments!

Thrifted Shift said...

Cute skirt! Yay for girlie pampering!

Laura said...

Pampering is always fun. I am going to go see if I still have my denim jacket. Cute look! Have a good weekend!

Alex Elizabeth said...

The yellow is such a nice color with this skirt! Earrings are so pretty, too... next time close up, please?

Coffee and Cardigans said...

I really love Jake Owen! His music... And just him in general. And I also love that darling denim jacket. I am such a big fan of mine, so it makes me happy to see other ladies rocking them. It was the perfect way to take that maxi skirt right into fall. My denim jacket has been my key item for taking summer dresses and tank tops into our colder weather as well!


WendyB said...

The chocolate incident made me laugh!

Annie said...

Love that maxi Brett! And I was SO excited for Grey's too...but now I'm just sad about it :(

The Other Side of Gray

Anonymous said...

Oh, I hope your fingers are okay - nothing hurts more than a burn. Hate that! xo

Shea Sayers said...

I've also been transitioning my denim jacket--I can't seem to stop wearing it! I hate it when delivery/service people give you a time frame and then show up at a different time--especially that early in the morning!