Thursday, October 18, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

Hello Thursday!
Time to weigh in on the awkward and awesomeness of the past week.
  • Son2 wanted to go eat at his favorite pizza place while home from school, but the restaurant was closed because a couple days before a woman drove her car through the front of the restaurant.
  • Have you ever used a gas leaf blower?  I did for the first time and let me tell you it was just a comedy of errors.  From the tornado effect of leaves, the crazy vibrating arms and the sweatpants string that got caught in the blower, I was very thankful no one had a video camera about.
  • Walking towards what you think is your car in the parking lot and the car just drives away.  (My car was actually two cars down.)
  • Participating in a 5 day taste test for a chocolate/hazelnut spread.  I never, ever want to taste that flavor again!
  • Husband has been overseas for almost 2 weeks now and I was horrified when about halfway through his absence I realized that my bedroom looked like a teenage girl had moved in.  My room hasn't been that messy since I lived in a dorm.
  • Having son2 all to myself over his fall break.
  • Eating like a 19 year old boy while son2 was home.  (Next week I am sure this will be in the awkward list when I can't button my pants from the after effects.)
  • While looking at boots (just looking because you just can't pass up the pretty, pretty boots) I realized I had a pair of boots like the ones I was looking at.  As soon as I came home I dug around in my closet and finally found them. 
  • Using the outdoor fireplace again and enjoying the fabulous fall weather.
  • Using the money I made from the taste test to finally purchase a Clarisonic Mia. (I have been wanting one for such a long time)
 With this fabulous cool weather I was excited to be able to wear my academy blazer again. 
 I must be having some kind of prep school obsession lately. 

Let me hear about your awkward or awesome moments!

stripe shirt-Loft
jeans-Banana Republic
wedges-Madden Girl
belt-I have no idea


Style Journey said...

I always love these posts! I had an awkward moment last week when I drove Kayla's car to the store, forgot that I had her car, and couldn't find it or remember where it was parked! So embarrassing.

I love this blazer so much. It looks great with your trouser jeans. Heather

pastcaring said...

Those jeans look amazing on you, Brett, such a great fit and your legs look a mile long! Cute blazer too.
Enjoy having a messy room and eating like a teenager - it sounds like fun! xxxx

Hazel said...

The leaf blower sounds hilarious!
Do let us know how you get on with the Clarisonic....

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

I want in on that taste test!!! One of my favorite flavors...but nothing I really need to do! Glad you got quality time with your son!

Judy C said...

Thanks for posting these days. We all have them. Sometimes mine are a week long. But at least you looked terrific while it was happening.

J9 STYLE said...

Awesome moment: Going to Miami by winning an all-expenses paid trip from Marshalls.
Awkward: Coming home with a cold.

Lisa said...

I think I would have participated in that chocolate taste test if I earned enough to purchase the Clarisonic. I might have needed it after all that chocolate!

Love this outfit, Brett. You wear your jeans so well.

Dawn said...

Brett, I have tears in my eyes from the car driving away, I turned to tell my husband what I was laughing at but could not get the words out. Thank you for making me cry with laughter. So darn funny. Great jeans, you look fabulous! dawn suitcase vignettes xo

Leslie said...

Yes! I have used a leaf blower and it's kinda like a tornado, right?! Love that you are enjoying being free and hanging out with your son. Having our husbands away has tough moments, but it's also nice for a little while :)


Anonymous said...

Love your awkward & awesome moments! Wish I could have seen the leaf blower fiasco!
You look so cute and sassy!

Renae said...

I thought your comment about never seeing Yellowstone was interesting. Ya the photos don't do it justice. They went in the off season. I went in June and it was so nice there. Cool, clear and so amazing.

Your outfit rocks! Great combo.

two birds said...

chocolate hazelnut spread sounds like a great study, but after 5 days, i can only imagine!! i'm glad you got some bonding time with son2!! also, you can read our PR post...it's not actually about the show, it's about a runway show that we styled!

Stephanie @ Henry Happened said...

You are rocking the blazers! I love that color. And I feel your pain on the taste test - I used to work for a fast food chain and we had to develop ice cream promotions and when we were done, I NEVER wanted ice cream again!

WendyB said...

"crazy vibrating arms" -- this made me laugh out loud!

Peggy said...

Awesome blazer