Thursday, December 6, 2012

Award and Awesome Thursday

Thanks for all of the encouragement on the sequin skirt challenge.  I am actually wearing it to an event tonight, so it won't be long before I post my next update.

Now on to the award and awesome of the week... 
  • Being rained down upon with Taylor Swift perfume, when I only wanted to get a whiff before I purchased it as a gift.  Not only was I sprayed all over with it, it doesn't even smell good.  I left the store without purchasing it.
  • Being told by a friend's husband that he liked my "bedazzled" shirt.  I was wearing the shirt seen here at the time.  
  • Have you ever looked down at your wedding ring and suddenly noticed how incredibly dirty and disgusting it looks.  I am happy to say, mine looks great now.
  • Seeing an acquaintance that I have not seen for awhile and not knowing if she is pregnant or not.  The subject never came up, so I will have to play the wait and see game.(ps. she is way younger than me, so she could be preggers)
  • A little boy in the kindergarten class that I volunteer in would not stop talking.  I put my hands on his cheeks to get his attention.  He said, "WOMAN!, are you trying to kiss me, cuz your too old for me."
  • Having a night out with another couple you haven't been out with in a very long time.
  • Double birthday celebrations!
  • Out shopping yesterday with a friend and we happened to be shopping in the same store at the same time as Angie Harmon.  She is more gorgeous in real life and husband was very disappointed that he wasn't shopping with us.
  • Going to the "candlelight" tour of Reed's Gold Mine ( a real gold mine).  I have to admit it was pretty hokey, but husband and I had a good time.
  • Shopping with our church small group for a family we adopted for Christmas and then all going out to dinner. (this is how the  Taylor Swift perfume incidence came about)
I paired my bedazzeled sequin stripe shirt with cranberry cords for a more holiday look. 
 The leopard smoking slippers just added the final touch the outfit needed.

Let's hear from you now...

smoking slippers-Aerosoles
ring-Old Navy


Style Journey said...

Ok, that is just too cute what the little boy said you. Kids say the darnest things, lol!

I love your "bedazzled" top paired with the leopard loafers too.

Awkward moment today, trying to get soap out of the papertowl dispenser in the bathroom

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

In the years I have been teaching, I so regret not writing down all of the things like this that kids have said. He will be a real ladies man some day!! You look awesome today, Brett!

The Closet Shopper said...

WOMAN! hahaha. That was hilarious. Also, bedazzled? Really? Kick.


Leslie said...

Love the color of your pants! What a funny comment coming from a kindergarten boy!

Teddi said...

brett, i don't think your blouse looks bedazzled, silly guy that doesn't understand fashion.:P
oh the kindergarten boy is funny. :) it's tough not knowing when someone is or isn't pregnant. having been asked before, when i wasn't, i've never been. it was quite offensive. it's best to wait for them to tell you.

Anonymous said...

Funny stuff! Thanks for the laugh!
Cute cute outfit! Bedazzled! haha

WendyB said...

""WOMAN!, are you trying to kiss me, cuz your too old for me." -- OH EM GEE!!!!!

LyddieGal said...

A 5 year old said that to you? that is crazy.
I happen to love your bedazzled shirt, and have added it to my wishlist!
Chic on the Cheap

Sylvia said...

That sure is a pretty shirt. I love how it looks with your cords. I can't believe those are thrifted!

Lisa said...

Oh my gosh....I don't know if I should laugh or be just ever so slightly disturbed by the little boys comment! So precocious! LOL.....

I love love love your 'bedazzled" top!

susan@avintagefarmwife said...

Kids DO say the darnedest things!Believe it or not, a kindergartner made a similar comment last year to my dil. I blame it on too much TV-even the ABC family channel has raunchy shows. Love your outfit!