Thursday, December 20, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

I hope that all your shopping is done and that you are relaxing by a fire with Christmas music playing, sipping a nice cup of hot chocolate!

I am busy with last minute monogram orders so no relaxing just yet, but soon.
  • Our answering machine went crazy the other day.  We couldn't get it to stop making this wretched noise.  It might be time to get a new one.
  • At the school where I volunteer a mom came into the office to sign in her child wearing her pajamas, a robe and fuzzy slippers.  I am not making this up!
  • Getting in line behind a coupon queen at the grocery store.  Please have your coupons in order if you are going to be using 9,999 of them.
  • Attempting to make fudge after my sister in law planted the seed.  As long as you keep it in the fridge you can pick up a piece and eat it.  Otherwise, it is a hot goopy mess.
  • Turning son1's bedroom into my "wrapping" room until he comes home.  Looking down on his bed and seeing nothing but glitter fallout.  His bed is more sparkly than any 5 year old girls.
  • Schooling "the boys" in a game called The Battle of the Sexes.  It is a board game and I highly recommend it.  Tons of fun.
  • Last night I hosted a Chinese food take out girls night in. The food was yummy and the company fabulous!  
  • A Carlos.  A drink that a bartender made for us girls one night we were out.  We recreated it.  It is delicious and loaded with calories, but oh so worth it.  (equal parts Frangelica and Baileys over ice)
  • Getting Christmas cards in the mail.  I absolutely love getting the picture cards and if your Christmas letter is not a novel...I love reading those as well.
  • Having all of my Christmas shopping finished!
 I will tell you that I totally ripped this look off from Lydia over on
I loved that she paired her maxi with a leopard print top.  It was like I totally forget about having maxi skirts in my closet. 
 They are actually quite warm and cozy for winter.
  Thanks Lydia for the inspiration.

How's your holiday stacking up?
Finished shopping?
Relaxing with friends and family?

chambray shirt-Banana Republic
leopard sweater/hi-lo maxi-Marshall's
boots-Jeffery Tyler
pearl necklace/bracelet-Handpicked 
initial necklace-Baublebar
black bracelet-Ann Taylor


Marla said...

It sounds like you are having so much fun this week. I love that leopard top. It seriously makes me want to go out and find some leopard stuff! Love the whole outfit Brett.

Style Journey said...

Your week is faring better than mine at this point. Not finished shopping, not finished wrapping, and not relaxing. Hopefully by Saturday???

This is a cute look and I love the maxi and boots. I forget about my maxi dresses/skirts in the winter too. Heather

Sylvia said...

Your boots are adorable! Love the maxi look on you :)


LyddieGal said...

I'm pretty much done with the shopping, but no where near being able to relax - that wont happen until december 25th!

Love how you've layered the chambray underneath and thanks for the shoutout!

Alison @ Get Your Pretty On said...

Love how you styled your maxi skirt for cold weather. I always wonder what to do with mine. Sounds like you're in good shape for Christmas!

Courtney Starr said...

How pretty! Love the leopard


Leslie said...

So funny about the mom in pajamas.. what's up with that!?

..and I still have things to do prior to Christmas.. Today was my last full day. Just a couple hours tomorrow afternoon and I'm finished until Jan.2 :)


two birds said...

i would have to beg to differ about the amount of glitter in your house! ;) i love those boots!! you have the best shoe collection.

Bravoe Runway said...

Well I have a lot to do....tonite I have to do laundry and will try to bake my cheesecake. Tomorrow will be cleaning nd baking cookies. I will have to ask my parents to pick me up on Sunday....tmrw is just note enough time. I love the leopard cardigan and hopefully the glitter situation will be not too hard to clean up. Happy holidays Brett.

Annie said...

Love the leopard cardi! And that is too funny about your son's bed :) Merry Christmas Brett!

The Other Side of Gray

Anonymous said...

This is a cute drapey look on you and very slenderizing too. I hope you and your family have a great holiday. They're lucky to have you alive and well after your crazy year!

Alex Elizabeth said...

The color, pattern, and distinctive hem lengths on this outfit give it so much visual interest! Totally love it.

I know I won't be around for a bit (traveling late this year) so have a great Christmas!

WendyB said...

Your awkward list always cracks me up.

pastcaring said...

Leopard print is perfect for the festive season, I reckon, and looks great on you, Brett.
Yes, I am ready, everything done, just waiting for Santa!
Happy Christmas to you and your family. xxxxx