Monday, January 14, 2013

A Color Explosion!

Have you ever seen an outfit in a magazine or catalog that you wanted to emulate?
Have you ever had the scenario where you emulated that outfit and it turned out that it was best left to the pages of the magazine or catalog???
I copied this look from a J.Crew add. 
 I absolutely loved the look in the catalog. 
 Not so much on me.
My pink turtle neck is a bit brighter than the one in the catalog and 
my boots are too dark for this colorful outfit. 
 I should have gone with some sort of colorful flat in my opinion.
I think I should have left this look to the experts over at J.Crew. 
  Live and learn but,if you don't try,
 you will never know right?!

Have you ever tried a look that you loved
 only to hate it when you were the one wearing it???

pink turtle neck-J.Crew
floral button up/green skinnies-Old Navy
boots-Anne Klien
random bracelets


Style Journey said...

Yes, and JCrew is the one that gets me everytime. It always looks so good on the models, but doesn't always translate into real life. I think this outfit could work with a pair of cognac boots in place of the black. I like it! Heather

Rebecca said...

I like all the bright colors, and those green skinnies are really cute.

Anne said...

Love the colour of your skinnies...I would try this outfit with tan boots.

Gracey at Fashion for Giants said...

I think it's good up until the knee; you're right about the boots being a little too dark. Maybe try again with a lighter boot?

Sylvia said...

I so admire that you are so wiling to experiment with colors. I see looks all the time, but am a bit chicken to try them out. Love your floral top and green jeans!


pastcaring said...

Love all the brights, but agree that maybe the black boots are a little heavy. Shoes or ankle boots might work. But It's great to try something new! I sometimes find that outfits/combinations that work perfectly in my head don't look so great when I try them for real - oh well! xxxx

Brooke said...

Yes, I've had many times where I've tried to copy a look that was amazing in a magazine but totally fell flat on me. I love your jeans! And the bright colors are really fun; they make me think of spring.

Shon said...

You at least gave it a go. Good for you!

Remember the mags/cats always have great lighting and a few smoke and mirrors up their sleeves.

gracefully50 said...

Well....if anyone could pull it off, it would be you!

Stephanie @ henry happened said...

I love your color explosion! But I know exactly what you mean - those catalog looks never look the same in real life. But your flower shirt is the best!

Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

Hmmm...my first thought was 'I LOVE this outfit.' but apparently I'm in a party of one. I'm looking at the photo again, and I still LOVE it, black boots and all. Curious what the J Crew photo looks like.

Annie said...

I think it would have been perfect with some lighter boots...I really love that floral top on you!

The Other Side of Gray

J9 STYLE said...

I think you pull it off. Sometimes, what works in print and magazines doesn't work (or make sense) in real life.