Friday, January 18, 2013

In Dog Years I'm Dead!

Today is the day ~ the day I have been dreading for awhile.
Today I turn 50 years old.
I certainly don't "feel" 50. 
It vacillates between feeling about 14 and 24 and I certainly have been told that I don't act 50.
Still pondering on that one...is it a compliment or not a compliment????
 No big plans for this birthday. 
 I did wake up to roses, b'day cake and a new laptop from husband this morning though.
And it seems the birthday fairies visited my yard last night!
I decided to play up the dots on dots with this outfit
 loved the mustard skinnies as a compliment.
A pop of pink at the neck for good measure.
Today has started out as a great day and I am sure will get better as the day goes on.
My mantra of the day is going to be this:

I'm not 50- I'm 49.95 plus tax.

Hope you have a great weekend!

 polka dot button up/skinnies-Old Navy
polka dot pull-over/necklace-F21


Style Journey said...

Happy Birthday! You don't look a day over 21 :) Seriously though, I hope I look as good as you when I am 50. Love the outfit today. Heather

Anonymous said...

Happy happy birthday, Brett!!

It's a compliment! You are fun and colorful!
And you look so pretty in your cute & colorful outfit!
Wishing you a beautiful day!

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

Rejoice, Brett!! My 50s have been so much fun! You will own it, have a wonderful weekend celebrating! Happy Birthday!

Terry S said...

Totally love your outfit today, Brett! You may not act 50, and you certainly don't LOOK 50.

Happy birthday!



Marla Robinson said...

Happy Birthday Brett and join the 50s crowd. A group I would prefer not to be in but at least I'm above ground for the moment. You look great. Hey, what do they say? 50 is the new 40, or is it 30???

Chelsea Oliver said...

I never would have guessed you are 50! Hope you have a fabulous birthday! You certainly are dressed very cute for it!

Happy Birthday!

Judith said...

Happy Birthday - I wouldn't have picked 50 as your age. You certainly dress stylish and have great youthfulness showing through in your blog, via both the pictures and words. Forget the numbers and just continue being yourself. Have a super day...J

Peggy said...

50? Girl you look awesome! love the dots and mustard! Have a great one!

Rachel said...

50? Are you serious? I want to look like you when I am 50-- currently I am 42. Honestly you look about 25-30. I love your outfit. You are my new favorite blogger.

Stephanie @ Henry Happened said...

happy birthday brett! You certainly don't LOOK 50 :) And what a great way to start the day - I hope it was a good one!

TaraMixandMatch said...

Happy birthday Brett! You look amazing!

Kimberlee Van Der Wall said...

Aww happy birthday!! You don't look 50 so therefore you don't have to "act" 50 :p Loved your Instagram pics from your bday party :)

No fear of fashion said...

No fear. You have come to know yourself and life will get on becoming better and better. I know. I am 58, nearly 59.
Your blue and yellow polka dot look proves that you are a fun person with a hell of a personality. Who would not want to be around you? And that is what it is all about.
Your way of dressing tells us who and what you are.

No fear of fashion said...

Oh I am sorry. So unattentive of me:

pastcaring said...

Happy Birthday Brett! Hope you are having a great weekend.
I am 49 this year, the whole ageing thing doesn't really bother me - happens to everyone, if we are lucky.
And clearly age and style and fun are not mutually exclusive concepts! You look great! xxxx

Teddi said...

happy 50th birthday brett! this post title made me laugh, & so did your 49.95 plus tax. ;) your gifts sound wonderful, & so does the birthday fairy. fun outfit too.

Alison @ Get Your Pretty On said...

LOL! Happy belated birthday, I'm a bit late in doing my reading this weekend. You look so incredibly good! I love this youthful outfit and your smile is your best accessory.

Shon said...

Cheers to you!! Happy Birthday, keep doing what you are doing!! Enjoy all that God has for you this year and beyond!!

I really like those sunny skinnies!

LyddieGal said...

Happy Birthday Brett!
Sounds like it was a pretty good one, and I hope this year is wonderful!

love the dots and bright yellow.
Chic on the Cheap

Bravoe Runway said...

Happy belated birthday Brett! Your feelings towards 50 was how I felt when I turned 30.... But honestly, now it doesn't feel that much different, you don't like 50, so cheers to the new decade:).

Sylvia said...

Loving the polka dots! I'm really enjoying the colors in this outfit.


miss donna said...

it's a compliment...accept it as such. you couldn't have picked a more radiant and vibrant bday ensemble. reflective of your personality!

WendyB said...

Happy birthday and it's definitely a compliment! Who wants to act old? :-)

Lynne DeVenny said...

You don't look 50 in this outfit, you look decades younger. 50 these days doesn't look like it did several decades ago. I hope you did something very special for you on your big day!