Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Mint is still a hot color for spring and polka dots seem to be even more on fire now than ever before.
So naturally, I needed to put the two together!
It was a little cool for sleeveless,
 so I threw on this asymmetrical cardi. 
 It was just the weight I needed.
I am usually not a fan of the cropped pant,
 but these are right at the ankle which I think works well.
I paired this outfit with my fun caged wedges.
I wasn't feeling the "pussy bow" the day I wore this shirt,
 so I just knotted the ties and let them hang.
Now that my hair is short,
 I am having fun revisiting all of my earrings that I stopped wearing when my hair was long.

Are you an earring wearer?  
Do you prefer big earrings or small?

polka dot blouse-F21
mint trousers-JCrew
caged wedges-XAppeal


Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

Cute, cute top!! I love the mint color...so refreshing! You look great!

Style Journey said...

Mint is a great color and kind of a neutral. It goes with more than I would have thought. As far as earrings, I stick with my trusty silver medium hoop earrings. My favorites! Heather

Lisa said...

This is pretty, Brett...but I'm slightly disappointed that the 'polka' part of you title didn't mean you were dancing a polka....just kidding.
Great outfit.

Claire said...

good idea to pair the polka dots with the mint! i gotta try that! i just got a new polka dot shirt in a clothing swap with friends.


gracefully50 said...

I love polka dots, and I love mint! I love your outfit cuz you're wearing my loves! :) haha
Super cute!

Leslie said...

I agree about the cropped pants. Kinda difficult to wear unless you are one of those leggy individuals. Love the mint and polka dots:)

Stephanie @ Henry Happened said...

Sadly I hardly ever wear earrings any more. Sam likes to pull at them too much. But you're right, they are fun to do with shorter hair!

LyddieGal said...

mint is still a big fave of mine!
I guess i'm a small earrings wearer, though i have plenty of statement ones as well!
Chic on the Cheap

Alexandra Shook said...

These pants are a great length for you! I struggle with cropped pants as well... it either looks like my pants are too small or they break too far down and they don't look exactly right. I like big earrings but my hair is always covering them! So I wear bigger necklaces instead.

josep-maria badia said...

Lovely outfit, I love your blouse and your shoes.

Teddi said...

brett, i would so steal that blouse. no i don't really steal. i would so wear it though. o should get my black and white polka dot blouse out. i'd forgotten i owned it. earrings used to be my favorite accessory. now i think it's necklaces or bracelets. i like large earrings when my hair is down, and sometimes small earrings when my hair is up. i just like jewelry.

Kimberlee Van Der Wall said...

Polkamint lol I may need to use that ;)

Cute outfit... great way to mix the trends. Love those wedges!!

I am not an earring wearer. I actually don't have pierced ears!