Monday, May 13, 2013

Inspiration Monday

Hello Peeps!
I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend and if you are a mom, a fabulous Mother's Day.

Our inspiration today from Two Birds is from Emmy Rossum.  I am not that familiar with her, except that I know she was in Phantom of the Opera and that to me she is a mere baby!!
I am not a big wearer of all white,
 but I had picked up this little dress from Loft to wear as a swimsuit cover up this summer. 
 I slipped it on and threw on my Levi's jacket.
You can't see from the glaring sun in these pictures,
 but my tennis shoes have little pink flowers all over them, 
so I am not completely dressing like a nurse.
I wish I had a cute little bright orange bag like Emmy's,
 but I just pulled out my trusty crossover in moss green. 
 The day actually got pretty hot,
 so this is me without the jacket.
  Not sure I would go for the all white look again.  

Are you a fan of white dresses?
Do you think women of a certain age should avoid all white dresses?

cami-Banana Republic
shoes-gift from friend from London
crossover bag-The Sak
earrings-Old Navy


Style Journey said...

I like the idea of a white dress as an alternative in the warm weather. But...I would be terrified of getting it dirty. Your shoes are a fun addition.

Hope your Mother's Day was great! Heather

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

Such a cute youthful look...but that dress is an amazing fit and you should wear it often without the jacket!! Have a happy Monday, Brett!

two birds said...

i normally don't wear all white because i am a total clutz! but i love the look. you look so springy, and your shoes are so fun!

Stephanie @ henry happened said...

white dresses look so cute with denim! I like both your inspiration pics & your actual pics :)

Anonymous said...

The dress is adorable! But, yeah, I would wear a different colored shoe.

Chelsea Oliver said...

I think anyone should wear whatever they want, whenever they want! I'm a total fan of ditching "fashion rules" because different things work for different people. You look great and I hope you had a great Mother's Day!!


LyddieGal said...

I think you look great in white - it's one of my favorite colors, year round.

The dress looks really cute with the denim jacket too!
Chic on the Cheap

pastcaring said...

The white dress is a lovely fit on you and looks great with the denim jacket, Brett. A white dress probably wouldn't be my first choice for me, not because of my age (much the same as yours!) but because I am very pale and it would wash me out completely! And I would be bound to spill something on it too... But if another colour was added in the mix (cardigan, jacket) plus accessories, then maybe it would be OK. You are obviously far more careful and less clumsy than me, so no spills, and you look gorgeous! xxxx

Kezzie said...

It's a lovely white dress and you really suit it! You always look so stylish Brett! x

J9 STYLE said...

What a great spring outfit! I love white dresses and think they are appropriate for any age.

gracefully50 said...

Oh, you look really cute in all white! You should wear it more often!

Tinfoil Tiaras said...

I don't think women of a certain age should avoid anything, I say pish posh to fashion rules! You look beautiful, I love the dress and that moss green bag is too cute. Your legs are looking pretty bronzed, I don't think you can blind the world with me anymore :)

Teddi said...

brett, you are such a cutie! wear whatever you like i say. it looks good on you. :)

No fear of fashion said...

I love the dress and all white is fashion and suits you well.
Not that keen on the sneakers, but that is me. I know it is trend.