Friday, August 2, 2013

Awkward and Awesome Friday

It's already August!!
  • When you are in a waiting room trying to read a book and the person next to you doesn't get the hint that you really don't want to talk.
  • When someone calls you the wrong name, but doesn't slow down enough for you to correct them and then it's just too late.
  • The new Gmail set up.  I really don't need 3 different categories of mail.
  • Walking into a spiderweb and having the spider land on your head and then you knock it off your head into your shirt.
  • The day our local news tweeted all day about whether or not an alligator or a turtle had been spotted in the lake and that a particular road had been blocked by turkeys.  
  • Husband and son2 are having a boys trip to San Diego this week.
  • My friend that was just going to drop some Ginger Ale by the house, but ended up dropping off an entire grocery store!
  • Cracking open a brand new notebook for your journaling.
  • A Hot Stone Massage
  • All the nice messages and kind words from you all regarding Wednesday's post.
One of the best things about this great hi-lo maxi is that it is so versatile. 
 The last time I wore it on the blog I went with
 a red, white and blue theme. 
 Today it's all about blue and orange.

Let's hear about your awkward and awesome moments in the comments.

sandals-Sam Edelman
earrings-Old Navy


his_girl_friday said...

Love the pattern and color combo! And: I hate it when people try to make conversation with me when I am obviously reading!

Anonymous said...

What a pretty dress! Cobalt blue is a great color on you.

Awkward this week - being offered the Senior discount (55+) by a clerk when I am only 45.

Awesome this week - finding the perfect gift for a dear friend for her birthday - a howlite bracelet made by a fellow blogger. She loves it!


Style Journey said...

Dresses like this are so easy! The orange was a fun color to add to the pretty blue.

What is it with people wanting to talk when you are obviously reading? I like to read at the dance studio while I am waiting and never make it through a paragraph the whole time. I just gave up, ha ha!

pastcaring said...

Lovely dress, Brett, love the blue and orange combination.
I have had a good week, thanks, plenty of awesome gifts have come my way from blogger friends, so that cancels out the daunting pile of ironing I have been forced to attend to, having ignored it for far too long...
Hope your son is doing OK. xxxx

Chelsea Oliver said...

I'm in love with this maxi! Hope your son is feeling better soon & that you all have a good weekend!


Leslie said...

Okay... The new gmail thing!! Drives me nuts and now we have to click all around. Happy Friday!

Alexandra Shook said...

I'm into this orange remix! I'm going to have an awesome weekend... because I totally have no plans. I kind of hope it stays that way.

Kathryn said...

That dress is so pretty, the color looks great on you! And a new, fresh notebook is basically the best thing ever :)

Marla Robinson said...

that's a great dress for summer Brett

Teddi said...

brett, the orange with the blue is a wonderful combination. it's such a stylishly comfortable looking outfit! :) i don't like it when i don't feel like talking and people don't get the hint either, especially if i'm trying to read. i also like opening a brand new journal to create in. :)