Thursday, September 5, 2013

Pinned It and Did It

It's time to link up to Heather's 
Pinned It and Did It 
 Link Party
 this week.

I tackled another recipe that I had just recently pinned.
Son2 was coming home from college and Heath Bars are one of his favorite,
 so I decided to give them a try.
Son1 helped me,
but seriously these are the easiest cookies you could ever make.
  He said it was like we were cheat baking.
I actually remembered to take a picture of the finished product this time.

If you would like the recipe you can click here.
I followed the whole 4 ingredient recipe just as it was,
 except that I subbed the oil with applesauce
 to cut down on the fat.

While easy to make, they were way more like eating cake (duh!) than cookies.
They got really soft and bendy by the next day
 and kind of stuck together.
They did taste really good, if you are a fan a plain cookie with just a hint of crunch.

The big question...would I make these again???
Probably not.

Have you tried something from Pinterest lately?

Next week I plan on tackling one of the MANY
outfits that I have pinned and never tried to recreate.

Click on over to 
and see what others pinned and did this week.


Style Journey said...

They sound and look yummy! Too bad they didn't turn out like you thought. Can't wait to see what you got in store for next week!

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

Thanks for the honesty, Brett! Your comments were helpful...look good, but based on your revelations I do not know that I will make them!

Kristen said...

Those look so good. I'm heath bar obsessed. Love this idea, I am always pinning away and need to make more time to actually make things!

Elle said...

These look delish! I love simple recipes and i like the texture of a doughy cookie. I just might try these!
XX, Elle

Alexandra Shook said...

So... at first I thought that said health toffee... and totally thought how can toffee be healthy?

Fashion week has totally started. Think I need more coffee!