Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A Breath Of Fall

This weekend we had some fall like temps
and that was my cue to dig out a sweatshirt and scarf!
I love nothing better than a cozy sweatshirt and fabulously tied scarf when the weather turns cool.
Sadly, the weather did not stick around,
 but I know it's on its way!
This is the perfect outfit for 
apple picking, the corn maze or discovering a fabulous pumpkin.
Those are all on my list of fall activities for this year.
The only thing that would make this outfit even better to me,
 would be boots.
It just wasn't that cool yet. 
 Soon, baby, soon.
PS...the stripes on this sweatshirt are sparkly ~ BONUS!

Do you love fall clothes more than summer clothes?
What is your favorite season?

jeans-Banana Republic
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Style Journey said...

Summer is my favorite season, but fall clothes are definitely my favorite.

This is a perfect early fall look. You can't get any better than jeans and sweatshirt weather! Sparkle stripes are definitely a bonus :)

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

A great fall look...I love the idea of apple picking!!

Anonymous said...

Great outfit Brett and I agree, boots would be nice with it too.

I love everything about fall, including the clothes. Here in BC Canada, sweaters are a go right up into December most years. It's not really cold here in the winter. And I have lots and lots of sweaters. LOL

Happy Wednesday, G

No fear of fashion said...

That is funny. As I was going through your post I was thinking: I wonder how this lovely outfit would look like with boots. Would probably be even better. And then you said it yourself. It is funny to read your own thoughts.

Leslie said...

Boots would be a great addition! I like the layering in the fall. It's getting cold already here in wa state..

Jacqueline Rendine said...

Love fall! So excited for cooler temps this weekend! The sweaters will be busting out!


Chelsea Oliver said...

Love your fall layers. Fall is easily my favorite season, even though it seems to stick around for the least amount of time.


WendyB said...

Sigh ... I'm a warm weather person. I just love going out without having to layer up! Fall gets me down :-(

Alexandra Shook said...

Grellow! I can't wait for boots... I think they're my favorite shoe to wear!

Carrie said...

You look so cozy in that sweatshirt, and the scarf adds a chic touch. :)

pastcaring said...

Great casual look, Brett, and the scarf adds pzazz! I'm OK with the temperatures getting cooler, but I am fed up with all the rain! xxxx