Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Orange You Glad It's Almost Halloween?

Orange is one of those colors that never gets enough love.
It can be tricky to wear and tricky to style, but it can also be fabulous!
I like to think of orange as a breathe of fresh air.
It can be especially nice to wear this time of year.
Here I combined it with blues and grays.
I will admit that my favorite color to pair with orange is pink!
It looks great ~ Honest!
This outfit didn't need much with all of the boldness going on.
Some fabulous boots and a great statement necklace.

What are your thoughts on dressing with the color orange?

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top-TJ Maxx
skirt-J.Crew Factory
necklace-Ily Couture


Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

Really cute skirt, Brett!! And cute headline too!

Style Journey said...

I love this! The orange goes so well with the paisley skirt. Orange is a fun bright color and I really do like it. Your boots are gorgeous too :)

Brooke said...

I love how it looks like there are subtle bits of orange repeated in the skirt...don't know if that's just from the pic or not but anyway the shirt and skirt are really pretty together! Love the boots too!

Tina Bradley said...

Beautiful, Brett! I am adoring this look--head to toe! The orange is fab and the pieces all work so well together. xo T. http://tickledpinkwoman.blogspot.com

pastcaring said...

I LOVE orange! And I agree with you, Brett - orange and pink are fabulous together (I would say that, I'm wearing that exact combination myself today!) Love the pairing with blue and grey too, those boots are wonderful. xxx

Chelsey Patti said...

Our blouses are pretty similar! Great minds think alike! :)


Teddi said...

i dig your complimentary color ensemble! orange and blue are the colors i often pair in my art. brett, you've done a stellar job with this look. i don't wear orange very often, even though i have orange things i like. i should wear them.

Wendy Loubser said...

Your outfit is divine Brett - I have an affinity for orange/coral and would wear it everyday if I had enough items in the shade.

Have a stunning day
Sassy Style