Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Sweater Weather

It's finally gotten kind of cold here in the Carolina's.
The leaves barely changed color and now they are all over the ground.
I guess winter is on its way.
Nothing like a big slouchy sweater,
 a scarf and some boots to embrace the cold.
I know a slouchy sweater isn't the most
 flattering of clothing items,
 but it sure is warm and cozy!
As long as you don't get into the habit
 of only wearing big slouchy clothes,
 it's nice to do it every once in awhile.
This look can be worn by anyone and is super easy to pull off.
If you don't have a slouchy sweater of your own,
 check the closets of the men in your house.

Are you a fan of big and slouchy?

boots-Nine West
earrings-accessory exchange


Style Journey said...

I love big slouchy sweaters! This one is great paired with the plaid scarf. This is the perfect sweater weather outfit!

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

This is a fun outfit, Brett! Sweaters like this are all over thrift stores...a great look can be found for a great price! Your makeup looks beautiful in this picture.

pastcaring said...

I am not much of a sweater girl, I'm afraid, but I'm loving being back in tights and boots! You look warm and cosy in that comfortable outfit, Brett. xxx

Shon said...

You look great...so cozy and yet so chic. It is getting a little chilly around these parts! LOL

Teddi said...

brett you look so pretty! it's like you're effervescent. huge fan of slouchy comfortable sweaters, though i don't hardly ever wear them here in texas.

Stylin' In St. Louis said...

Slouchy sweaters are so comfy! I love wearing them! I do not have many, but I love them!


Geraldine said...

I like long, slouchy sweaters paired with skinny jeans or pants. Always a great look.

You look great in this outfit Brett, as always. Love your lipstick color, nice pop of pink!

two birds said...

i love slouchy sweaters...i think as long as you pair them with a tighter bottom, it's still flattering. you look great!

Anonymous said...

Yes! A coxy slouchy sweater some days is just the thing to face colder days. Great boots!

Elle said...

I do love the slouchy sweater, but agree it shouldn't be overdone. I love how you combined it with tartan and a crisp stripe. perfection!
XX, Elle