Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Lines and Squares

As you may or may not remember, in January I started the
#2014 Closet Remix Challenge.
The challenge was not to shop and remix the items in your closet.
Well, I am proud to say that January went pretty well for me.
I ended up only making one clothing purchase.
A pair of black tights.
 I mean a girl can't just go through winter without a pair of black tights that doesn't have elastic that actually works right??!!!
Many participants of this challenge chose to only do it for the month of January.
Others are continuing on. 
 I am going to continue for the month of February as well.
I went with a little pattern mixing for this outfit.
I love the neon green and navy together.
I know this shirt looks yellow,
 but if you have read my blog...
You know I don't do yellow.

Is there a color you will not wear?
Do you even have one piece of clothing that color in your closet??

gingham shirt-Old Navy
booties-Madden Girl
bracelet-Kate Spade


pastcaring said...

The shirt looks yellow to me, Brett, or at the very least chartreuse, so maybe you should give it a go, since it looks great on you!
There aren't any colours I never, ever wear, though I have an instinctive fear of beige (it can kill you) and I don't think I own anything much in those neutral shades of oatmeal/ecru/champagne, etc. Whatever you call them, they really aren't me!
Well done for continuing to use what you have and not shop (new black tights are allowed, nothing worse than tights that drift south!) xxx

awhite said...

I love a good pattern mix- and no, you are absolutely right, a girl HAS to have a working pair of black tights in her wardrobe. It's a must! :)


Elle said...

Good for you! I love that green and navy combo, but it does look yellow and you look great in it. There is not a single color I will not wear, if there is something about a piece I adore, I will make it work.
I.E.- if a dress is not a good color for my face I will add a scarf around my neck that does look well with my complexion and the dress.
Also I find if I change my lipstick color and use eyeshadow ( seldom) it can change the way
my complexion works, so as to fit better with the dress! Anyway, that is just me, You look great in this, and congrats on not buying anything but one pair of tights. I buy alot this time of year because of the sales.
XX, Elle

Tina Bradley said...

Excellent pattern mixing! Looking fab, Brett! T. http://tickledpinkwoman.blogspot.com

Laura B said...

I don't even think tights count as clothing. To me they are like socks or a sports bra. Boring necessities! I love the pattern mixing and pop of color in this outfit!

Stylin' In St. Louis said...

Love this pattern mixing! Tights are an essential. Awesome that you are keeping on the challenge!

Ginny MyNewFavoriteOutfit said...

So cool about the no shop challenge, I haven't really been shopping either. I've only gotten one $8 dress from Target since Jan. 1st, it's been totally unintentional though...weird. I love ths striped cardigan. As for colors I don't wear, probably any pastel, not my thing.

Shon said...

Pattern mixing is so fun I wish I did it more. I really like this sweater...great combo!

I don't care for Red, but own a Red cardigan. I think I should give it away.

Chelsea Oliver said...

I was wondering why you were wearing yellow lol I guess you aren't! And I think buying black tights doesn't count as a purchase since they are such a necessity in the winter for a fashionista!


Susan Jeffries said...

I have been shopping my closet since Christmas too! It has been so fun coming up with outfits I have never worn before! I think you should give yellow a chance - this color looks great on you! Susan

Alison @ Get Your Pretty On said...

I think any kind of hosiery or undergarment doesn't count. :) Cute outfit today!