Tuesday, February 18, 2014

On A Pattern Mixing Roll

I am not sure I have done all this pattern mixing on purpose.
I think I am just subconsciously drawn to it.
But I think I am seeing an obsession trend in my dressing lately.
I mean what's not to love about plaid and polka dots??
Add a statement necklace and some arm candy and
 you've got yourself an outfit.
Throwing a vest on top of it all is the icing on the cake.
I can certainly say that these  boots have gotten quite a wearing since they arrived at my house.
It seems like if it hasn't been snowing, 
it has been raining.

Are you a pattern mixing crazed blogger these days?
What are your favorite patterns to mix together?

plaid shirt-JCrew
polka dot sweater/vest-Old Navy
bracelets-H and M


LyddieGal said...

Nothing - it's a fabulous print mix! If you've got to layer up for the winter, might as well have some fun with it, and this print mix is awesome!
Chic on the Cheap

Cheryl Dewees said...

Love the polka dots and plaid. A really fun mix!!


Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

Love the outfit...so cheery for dreary weather!

Kristen said...

Super cute! Loving this outfit.

Shon said...

Well done, Brett. I love the pattern mixing here with the rain boots.

I keep looking in my closet and have not come up with the right combos yet? I do want to try this look though.

awhite said...

Loving those Hunters, doll! :)


pastcaring said...

Great pattern mixing, you look cosy and comfortable, but so stylish too. Yes, I mix my prints up a lot too - tartan and a splashy floral today! xxx

Garments Speech said...

I love the pattern mixing here.
One day I want to try two floral prints together.

Leslie said...

I think this looks great and polka dots seem to work with just about anything! xL

Chelsea Oliver said...

Always love pattern mixing! This polka dot sweater is too cute! Love your styling for this one, Brett!


Ginny MyNewFavoriteOutfit said...

I'm all about pattern mixing and I'd a similar combo last week. Love.

Susan Jeffries said...

I love this hot pink on you! Great color! Susan

Laura B said...

I am so jealous of that sweater! Pink is really your color! I love plaid for pattern mixing. Love all your layers, too!

Stylin' In St. Louis said...

What a great pattern mixing look! Love that sweater!

Jodi H said...

I love your hunter boots. Cute mixing of pattern


Elle said...

You are an awesome pattern mixer, or should I say mixoligist? Love the dot, and plaid, plus the quilting and bling! I think we need more visual stimulation in winter, anyway, its a theory, Love it just the same. And you know I love to mix things up!
XX, Elle