Thursday, March 20, 2014

Awkward and Awesome : A Day Early

So today is the first day of spring!
Did spring show up in your neck of the woods?
  • Randomly looking down at the gas gauge and realizing you are completely on empty.
  • Catching up on a TV show and not knowing what is going on and then you realize you jumped 3 shows ahead.
  • Buying new foundation and realizing you picked up the wrong color after you apply it.
  • Going 2 shades darker in my hair color and no one noticed.(not in these pictures)
  • Getting a call to my monogram business (Silver Needle Designs) asking if I sell tattoo needles.
  • Fabulous gifts being left at my front door!
  • Husband bringing home Cafe Du Monde coffee from his trip to New Orleans.
  • Finally having all the clocks showing the correct time in my house and car.
  • Seeing signs of spring finally showing it's head in the blooming of flowers and trees.
  • Finding your favorite yoga pants that you thought were gone forever stuffed in the bottom of the drawer you keep all your tights in.
This is my other out fit of the day from my beach trip.
As you can tell the weather turned a bit colder,
 but it was still lovely walking on the beach.

 Let's hear about your awesome and awkward moments in the comments.

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Susan Jeffries said...

Love the boots! No spring did not arrive here - it is snowing!! Yuck!! You look great and I hope you had a fun vacation! Susan

Cheryl Dewees said...

It is Spring here thankfully!

I love the beach in Winter. It has a whole different feel to it.


Geraldine said...

Love your boots!

It snowed here in BC last night but its on the meltdown today.

Happy Weekend Brett.

PS: Looks like a nice beach, close to where you live?

Brooke said...

Love these beach photos! I am so happy about all the flowers everywhere- our backyard is full of flowers and I love it!

awhite said...

Yay for spring! Feels like it here in KC today- finally!

Love that pretty cardigan and of course the fab Hunters!


Laura B said...

That hat is too cute! And your sweater looks so cozy! And hurray for lost then found yoga pants!

Stylin' In St. Louis said...

Spring arrived in STL! Only for a short while! Back to cold temps next week!

Ginny MyNewFavoriteOutfit said...

I have loved seeing your vacation photos on hear and Instagram. The beach is so beautiful! Love this cobalt on you too!

Leslie said...

Happy Spring Brett:) Darling outfit and always get a laugh on you awkward Thursday posts:)

Style Journey said...

Happy Spring! Another great beach look. Love the cardigan especially.

Shon said...

Brett! I love this look and the cardigan is so perfect.

I did not know you were a tattoo artist!!? LOL No really, I did not know you had a monogramming business! Right on!

Cafe Du' Monde is a favorite around my house too. I hope to stop by the shop when we travel to see family this summer.

Happy Weekend..pollen is every where here!:(

Elle said...

Love your casual beach fare : jeans, stripe card, and hunter boots.. S perfect for this gorgeous beach destination !
Enjoy, you deserve it!
XX, Elle