Monday, March 17, 2014

Inspiration Monday

Nothing will get you back to reality faster than coming home from a vacation at the beach to freezing rain.
Hello Real Life!

Over at Two Birds the girls have picked Alyssa Miller as our inspiration this week.
Apparently she is Jake Gyllenhaal's girlfriend.
Her outfit is super cute and her taste in men is yummy!
I had some technical difficulties with my pictures as you can see.  
I was trying to keep the camera dry,
  myself dry and warm ~ plus
 the umbrella cast all kinds of weird light.
  I think you can get the jest of my outfit though.

On a warmer, sunnier day I might have gone for the
 shorter skirt and bare legs,
 but I opted for a warmer version of her look.
I was happy with how my look turned out and must say that I probably wouldn't have thought to pair my moto jacket with this dress.  
  Thanks Meg and Nora for helping think outside MY box once again.

Are you able to wear Alyssa's version of this look where you are 
or would you have to give it the winter treatment?

dress-Max Studio


two birds said...

i should have gone winter, but i'm so sick of it that i wore bare legs. not for long, i will admit, though!! i love your version. that dress looks fabulous on you!

Garments Speech said...

I love the whole outfit on you, especially a dress!

Alena & http://garmentsspeech.blogspot.com/

Laura B said...

I love that dress! The jacket is a fun touch and really toughens it up! Great necklace, too!

pastcaring said...

I wouldn't wear a short dress with bare legs, not because of the weather, but because I am not so keen on my legs! I like your longer winter version, Brett, the asymmetrical stripe effect of your dress is so cool. xxx

Clairejustine oxox said...

Whoo great outfit, love your dress :) stopping by from the hop...

TaraMixandMatch said...

Love the print of your dress!

Kezzie said...

That dress is gorgeous!!! Sorry you had such a rude return from vacation!! I love your novel umbrella protection! X

Stylin' In St. Louis said...

Love this dress! You look gorgeous! So sorry that the weather was such a bummer!

Leslie said...

Darling look and I like the umbrella in the picture! xxL

Iris P. said...

I love the inspiration you chose!!! That dress on you is darling, I love the zig zag motion of it! You did a great job with taking photo's in the rain, I want to do a attempt in the rain, but it hasn't rained so I guess I can admire you and the rain! :)

Elle said...

Brett, I love this on you and an glad the rain , bummer than it is, helped you to put this together, Aweseom,
XX, Elle

Chelsea Oliver said...

I forgot that I wanted to try to remake this outfit this week! Bummer! But I don't think I would have succeeded since there's still snow on the ground here and that would've frustrated me to no end!

I love how you "winterized" her look! Looks fabulous!


Geraldine said...

Love the dress most of all. Your hair looks great! Like the darker shade, a change is always good, right! :<)

Happy Weekend Brett.