Friday, April 11, 2014

Awkward and Awesome Friday

Woo Hoo, it's almost the weekend!
Taylor Swift and I are so happy about that.
  • Ordering something online and it takes over a month to finally get to your mailbox.
  • The neighbors down the street had a birthday party with a moon bounce and when they set it up they broke a gas line.  Our street looked like something out of a movie with all the emergency vehicles lined up.  Plus it smelled REALLY bad.
  • When your mop completely falls apart in the middle of cleaning your house.
  • Our poor little dog had to be shaved completely naked after having a party in the mud and rain.  I think a tiny forest was growing in his fur.
  • When the battery on your camera dies and you don't have a back up ready.
  • Ordering crawfish for a crawfish boil next weekend.
  • Husband going to the Masters this weekend.
  • The phone app called CocoPPa.  Google it, it is awesome.
  • Going through old photographs.
  • When your mom calls to tell you she is sending you Easter dinner via UPS.
 Never thought I'd be dressing like Miss Swift,
 but her look today is classic.
  Anyone of any age can pull it off. 
 I went with red skinnies and opted for sneakers instead of flats.  Super cute look for anytime whether
 you wear a skirt or skinnies.

Have you worn a version of this look before?
Will you in the future?

stripe shirt-Loft
red skinnies-Old Navy


Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

I cannot believe your Mom is sending you Easter dinner via UPS!

Love this look. Simple but cute.


Amy Fashion Blog said...

you look adorable

Elle said...

Brett, I love this outfit, you wear these red pants so well, who'd have think Taylor swift would be an inspiration , bit she is!
can you please tell your mom to adopt me,?
Easter dinner sent through UPS.
... She is priceless!
XX, Elle


Susan Jeffries said...

I think Taylor has great style and you nailed this one!Totally jealous of your home made Easter dinner. Maybe we will stop by;) Susan

Geraldine said...

Love the outfit! You really look good in glasses too.

Happy Easter Brett. :-)

No fear of fashion said...

Great look. Must remember that.
Oh... I will pin it, then I cannot forget.