Friday, April 18, 2014

Awkward and Awesome Friday

Happy Good Friday!
I hope everyone has a great Easter weekend planned.
  • Unknown bug bite on my hand and my hand swelling up like a balloon.
  • Dear girl:  If it is cold enough out to wear a coat, don't wear shorts under it so it looks as though you aren't wearing any pants.
  • Being in stand still traffic for over 30 minutes.
  • Turning into a contortionist while trying to fasten a bracelet onto your arm.
  • Texting husband that he left his briefcase at home and getting a text back saying he had the day off and went to get bagels.
  • A midweek concert.
  • The beautiful azaleas and dogwoods that are in bloom.
  • Compliments from complete strangers.
  • Buying Easter basket stuff for your sons even though they are in their 20's.
  • Easter - Matthew 28:6
Today's outfit was tricky in the sense that I don't do neutrals well and it's a bit dressier than my usual style. 
 The truth is I actually forgot I even owned this skirt. 
 It was nice to pull out and wear again. 
 I believe this picture of Joe is a debut of 
his recent severe haircut. 
Poor baby!

I apologize for not getting around to anyone's blog this week. 
 I will be making rounds over the weekend! 

skirt-Banana Republic
shoes-Land's End


pastcaring said...

You look very elegant and chic in neutrals, though I do miss a bit of colour!
Compliments and concerts are always good! xxx

two birds said...

I'm glad you re-found that skirt because it looks great on you!! Happy Easter!

Laura B said...

You look amazing! I really like the added scarf! And I hope your hand is ok!

No fear of fashion said...

Hi Brett, I have been neglecting you. So sorry. Been too busy.
I had a good laugh over you texting your husband on his day off hahaha.
Your outfit looks great on you. Perhaps it is because the scarf is checked that I think you can pull these neutrals off. Nice and indeed dressy.
Our dog has had his "hair cut" too.

Elle said...

Brett ,
I beg to differ. You wear this neutral outfit so beautifully. I love the scarf and the way it accents the fairly quiet combination of beige and black. Your dog is so cute! I'm sorry I'm late in responding to this post, I was having a lot of trouble with my computer. Kisses, Elle

Elegance and Mommyhood said...

You look so elegant Brett. It is nice seeing you in more neutral colors, sometimes. I love your skirt & loafers. Your furry friend photo-bombing you is so cute. =)

Geraldine said...

nice outfit love the color combination.

your doggie made me sad . hope the coat grows back quickly.

Chris said...

This is your most flattering outfit yet!!! Very nice!